Forbes Forced to Switch Mayweathers After Floyd's Comments

Steve Forbes is still going to have a Mayweather in his corner when he steps in the ring to face Oscar De La Hoya on May 3. It just won't be Roger Mayweather.

ESPN's Dan Rafael is reporting that after hearing that Floyd Mayweather was upset with Uncle Roger, Forbes fired him and turned to Jeff Mayweather to prepare him for his upcoming fight.

Floyd started the ball rolling on Thursday during a conference call that was supposed to be promoting his upcoming WrestleMania appearance. That didn't stop Money from injecting some family politics into the mix, specifically his perception that Roger training Forbes was a conflict of interest.

In Floyd's eyes, if Roger was able to help Forbes upset De La Hoya, it could potentially ruin his own rematch with the Golden Boy this fall. And that could hurt Floyd in the one place he guards most carefully: his bank account.

"That's not a good look at all," Floyd said during the conference call. "No disrespect to Steve Forbes. He's a good fighter and good person. Roger Mayweather is my uncle. My uncle is training Steve Forbes to beat Oscar De La Hoya and then he wants to come over and train me? He wants Steve to beat De La Hoya but if [Forbes] beats him, then everyone around me sees the fight go down the drain."

Floyd went on to suggest that if Roger wouldn't quit, he'd have to find another trainer. He even suggested that boxing sites poll readers to pick a new trainer if he had to fire his uncle.

All that won't be necessary now. After Roger allegedly no-showed a training session, Forbes made a call to Jeff - Forbes has actually trained with all three Mayweather brothers in the past - and just like that, conflict of interest solved.

Here at BoxingWatchers.com though, we think it would have been a lot more fun had Floyd actually used the internet to pick his next trainer. So we're running our latest poll assuming he would have been forced to turf Uncle Roger. Vote today!

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