First-hand Account of Floyd Mayweather at WrestleMania 24

As Uatu pointed out, we weren't about to do anything live on WrestleMania - this isn't WrestlingWatchers.com, after all. But I was present in the press box at the Citrus Bowl in one of my secret identities, and I can tell you that Floyd Mayweather put on a surprisingly good show, pun intended.

Floyd's entrance was phenomenal, with cannons firing money and a big burst if fireworks from the top of the stadium once he got to the ring. Some of the bills made it all the way across the floor to the far side, while a whole bunch piled up behind the guard rails by the ramp. I saw one man try to jump the rail until security swarmed to stop him.

Mayweather used MMA-style gloves despite saying he'd have only taped hands. The match was well-choreographed, with Floyd using his quickness early and Big Show dominating once he was able to slow him down. To his credit, Mayweather took a few bumps - I guess you're expected to absorb some impact for a seven-figure payday - though nothing that would really put him at risk. Show used good psychology too, stomping on Mayweather's hands and working his arm, but that's not surprising since he's been in the business for a long time.

The fans were definitely behind Big Show, cheering every time he got in any offense. After a big chop smacked across Show's chest, a loud "one more time" chant got going. And they booed Mayweather lustily after the finish, which came after numerous chair shots and some brass knuckles.

Would Mayweather be viable for more WWE appearances? He definitely has the natural personality for it, though he's more effective when he's just being himself, and he didn't come across too well in the more scripted segments during the build-up to WrestleMania. It would be tough to sell such a small heel (or bad guy) though, and his price tag would probably prohibit regular appearances.

For one night, Mayweather wasn't half bad. I'd like to see him get back to boxing (maybe guys other than De La Hoya!), but he was entertaining in Orlando, and that's what WrestleMania is all about.

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uatu said...

Dan Rafael from ESPN is in agreement with you according to his articles. He too was entertained by Floyd and enjoyed the match. He seems impressed with the Wrestlemania promotion all the way around and thinks that boxing could learn somethings from the WWE. Uatu must say that Floyd's ring entrance and fireworks were very cool.