Fight Name Trivia

For all fight fans out there, here is a list of "Fight Names" for some major fights over the last few years. Test your memory and Fight Game Knowledge. Franchise, feel free to add more, these were off the top of the head. More to be added later perhaps. See if you can remember the fighters that these fights took place with as well as whether they were the first, second, or third fight of a trilogy if applicable.

It's personal.
Unfinished business.
Thunder and Lightning.
Coming with Everything.
The World Awaits.
Bad Blood.
No Respect.
More than Personal.
Sworn Enemies.
No Excuses.
The Rematch.
Fast and Furious.
Next in Line.
Once and For All.
The Grande Finale.

The Franchise says...

A couple I'm pretty sure of are in my comment, plus a few more that are just guesses. Here's a few upcoming taglines:

High Stakes: Mosley-Judah
Battle of the Planet: Hopkins-Calzaghe (a double meaning since it is sponsored by Planet Hollywood Casino)


Nick Tylwalk said...

I like this. Let's see which ones I can get just off the top of my head...

It's Personal - Jones-Tarver I
Unfinished Business - Marquez-Pacquiao II
Thunder and Lightning - Gatti-Mayweather
Coming With Everything - Pacquiao-Morales I(?)
More Than Personal - Jones-Tarver II (and a personal favorite for its ridiculousness)
Undefeated - Mayweather-Hatton
Next in Line - Hopkins-Taylor I(?)

Now for some guesses...

Bad Blood - De La Hoya... Vargas?
Fast & Furious - Cotto-Mosley, I think
The World Awaits - De La Hoya-Mayweather

Anonymous said...

it's personal - correct
unfinished biz - correct
thunder & lightning - correct
coming with everything - pac/morales II
more than personal - correct
undefeated - correct
next in line - correct
bad blood - correct
fast and furious - correct
world awaits - correct
no respect - taylor hopkins II
sworn enemies - pbf zab
no excuses - tarver rjj III
the rematch - ? vazquez/marquez?
once and for all - mab/morales III
grande finale - morales pac III
fearless - mab - jmm

uatu said...

I also think "Showdown" was one. Maybe Morales - Pacquiao I?

or maybe "the Rematch" was Taylor-Pavlik II?