BoxingWatchers on Location: Live Paul Spadafora Coverage Tonight

Though cliche lovers will no doubt be disappointed to know that we never do any posting from our mother's basement, a combination of a lack of media credentials and a dearth of disposable income means the BoxingWatchers do most of our work from home.

Still, when a former lightweight titleholder is in action less than a mile away, we snap into action. Our own Spartan117 will be in the field tonight in Pittsburgh to take in The Pittsburgh Kid, Paul Spadafora, as he takes on Ivan Bustos at Station Square.

Still undefeated, the 33-year old southpaw held the IBF lightweight title from 1999 until 2003, but a combination of legal trouble and injuries have limited him to three fights in the last five years. We'll give you a first-hand account of how he looks since hooking up with Pernell Whitaker as head trainer live on the site tonight.

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