Manny Pacquiao - Miguel Cotto - November 14th

ESPN is running on the crawl that Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto will be fighting November 14th, with weight and purse to be worked out later.

They have been wrong before and jumped the gun, as when they ran that Manny and Shane Mosley were fighting, and it sounds far from a done deal with no purse or weight determined, but there it is.

Update: The report was from the LA Times, and the location is to be Vegas.

Posted by uatu


spartan117 said...

Prepare for lots of sportsmanship.

uatu said...

yeah, might be one of the least firey 24-7's ever. and both men have been on enough that we know their stories quite well, especially Manny's. And at this point, we actually know their families too, and the Wildcard gym, and both men represent their respective homelands, etc.

Maybe Freddie has a new car or something they can talk about.

The real question is how they will work the Mayweathers into all of this.

spartan117 said...

True. They'll probably devote at least half an episode to the Margarito incident as well.

uatu said...

new cotto trainer, which I am actually interested in, and some more on Margarito.

The hard part is anything new on Manny and Freddie. Michael Moorer can get some more air time, which I might like too.