Friday Night Fights on ESPN2: Danny Perez vs. Carlos Molina

It what might be the least detailed and least complete live post of all time, I will keep you in the loop on some aspects of Friday Night Fights on ESPN2. But I will do a live round by round of the main event if nothing else.

The main event is to be 12 rounds of Danny Perez vs. Carlos Molina.

Ira Terry vs. Leon Bobo
Winner by majority decision... Ira "Mr. Showtime" Terry.

Leon Bobo's shirt said "Obama Said Knock You Out," which Brian Kenny enjoyed.

Dan Rafael is reporting that Ruslan Chagaev is officially in against Wladimir Klitschko and it is officially off of HBO.

And the fans rejoice? Doubtful. Another Wladdy match to not get excited about. Not his fault, I guess.

Bert Sugar in the studio and is talking about the Belmont Stakes with Teddy Atlas. I missed Sugar's pick. Teddy goes with Charitable Man.

Main event time. I have no ill will toward either man, but I have things to do. Let's get this show on the road, and let's have ourselves a barnburner.

Danny Perez vs. Carlos Molina

Round 1
Both men are throwing a lot of punches. Molina is on only six days notice, so he may peter out towards the end. Both men attempting to work the body. I like what I see out of both men early. Molina looks to be going for it.

Uatu: Molina 10-9

Round 2
At this point, neither man has made his mark. Molina is attempting a lot of hooks. Perez boxing more but not running at all. Molina attempting to mug him inside. Molina staying active body and head and more hooks. Perez making him miss a bit. I guess I will go Molina again based on work rate and aggression. Both rounds were close though.

Uatu: Molina 10-9

Round 3
Molina doesn't have a lot of snap. He's like a poor man's Juan Diaz so far. Nice left hook counter from Molina. Both men landing some one-two's. Nice uppercut from Molina. Perez gets backed to the ropes and grabs. Perez trying the body too. Molina doing some nice in-fighting. Atlas doesn't think Perez is on his 'A' game mentally right now.

Uatu: Molina 10-9

Round 4
Perez jabbing heavily in this round and looking stronger early. He's staying behind the jab more and stalking. Teddy has it 3-0 molina as well at this point. This round is different from the others. Molina isn't as aggressive and Perez is keeping him away and in the middle of the ring. Some grabbing and mugging in the middle of the ring. Molina doing his thing a little now, throwing three, moving forward and getting inside to the point of grabbing. Molina may have gotten it late, but I will go Perez.

Uatu: Perez 10-9

Round 5
This fight was to be Carlos Quintana for those who don't remember, which is why Molina is in on six days notice. BK believes Molina is slowing down, and I have to agree. Perez controlling with his jab and straight two. Molina gets in a nice combo to the head coming forward. Good work there. It's hard to say who is doing more of the grabbing. Both men doing their fair share of in-fighting too. Molina throwing the uppercuts and hooks and Perez firing back. This round has been back and forth. BK likes Molina in this round. Close, but I will concur.

Uatu: Molina 10-9

Round 6
The scenes from the new Fight Night game look amazing. They showed Ali-Tyson. Atlas said he called them like they were actual fights. That's pretty cool. Perez backs Molina up. Molina being stalked but is undeterred. Molina gets in two and gets away. Perez almost had Molina trapped, but he fought out. Molina dodges a strong right. Molina not letting Perez get off or in a real rhythm.

Uatu: Molina 10-9

Round 7
More of the same so far. Perez got in one but lost the momentum immediately. Molina went back to work with the hooks and combos on the inside. Nice uppercut from Molina. Double jab moving in from Molina. He's doing a little grabbing but releases and throws, then re-grabs briefly and throws again with no ref stoppage. Excellent use of the non-clinch. Had to be a molina round.

Uatu: Molina 10-9

Round 8
Molina has outlanded Perez by 20 shots at this point. BK loved Molina's seventh round and says a case could be made for giving every round to Molina. Atlas has it 6-1 like I do. He also gave Perez Round 4 as I did. BK thought Perez won Round 1 as well. Molina getting in the business as Perez plays peek-a-boo in the middle of the ring. Perez tries to step up the power in the corner to no avail. Molina turns the tables and has Perez up against the ropes and in the corner. He is doing a mix of pushing, mugging and combos, and Perez doesn't answer.

Uatu: Molina 10-9

Round 9
Four jabs, a right and a jab from Molina. Nice right from Molina. Perez stalking again but gets grabbed. There's that uppercut again. And again. Perez trying to lean on Molina. There's two or three nice shots from Perez. He has gotten Molina's attention and mine as well. Best stuff from him all fight. Perez getting in some jabs. His punches look to have more effect than Molina's. Molina doing some grabbing and pushing. Nothing but wrestling from Molina to close the round.

Uatu: Perez 10-9

Round 10
There's a cut on Molina from a headbutt. Nothing to write home about. Perez takes the lead again. When Perez gets too close, he gets grabbed. Teddy has it 6-3 Molina. There's some of that old Molina action. Perez busier now and throwing as hard as when he started. Molina is not holding on for life but is certainly stalling, so to speak. Perez is all action now but not really landing too much. Molina falls in repeatedly to grab and hold. Molina throws a little now to keep it interesting.

Uatu: Perez 10-9

Round 11
Can Molina make it to the finish line? If he does, will he win? Despite my card, my guess is Perez sweeps 11 and 12 and gets the nod on the cards. A break in the action for loose tape on Molina's gloves. Will this buy him the rest he needs? Perhaps. Molina more active than last round. Nice right from Molina. Perez lead right. Molina getting back to his game. Close round that's tough to score. I thought Molina got it back.

Uatu: Molina 10-9

Round 12
I have it as Molina winning without a Perez KO, but I wouldn't be shocked if Perez was closer. The rounds were close and he's the featured fighter, so anything can happen. Atlas gave 11 to Molina too. Grabbing, punching, grabbing punching... the saga continues from Molina. Atlas has Molina up three rounds at this point as does BK. Molina taking the lead in round 12 too. Molina outworking perez again. Close 12th round to close. Could have gone either way.

Uatu: Molina 10-9

Uatu: 116-112 Molina
Atlas: 116-112 Molina

The judges score it 118-110 and 119-109 twice, all to the winner by unanimous decision, "King" Carlos Molina!

I was dead wrong. The judges got it right.

And I'm out.

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