Paul Spadafora Card - Live Correspondence

Here's the lowdown so far:

Spartan says that there is an awesome turnout tonight. He says that there is seating for over 1000 people and there are many more with standing room tickets watching the fights.

Heavyweights are up first: Tommy Poe vs. Ryan St. Germain (sp?) BoxRec has this fight as Poe vs. George Navarro. There are lots of Poe fans in the house tonight which makes sense since he is from nearby West Virginia.

Big bombs are being thrown with lots of blood involved.

Poe takes the fight by decision.

Next up: Sam "Black Ice" Gibson vs. Jose Caraballo at welterweight.

Carballo is the hometown favorite in this one. Spartan says he believes that Caraballo is losing early and is being forced to clinch a lot.

And Gibson takes it by KO.

Apparently his name is actually Gipson not Gibson according to Spartan. BoxRec lists him as Gibson. The program reads Gipson. BoxRec has been wrong many times before but could easily be a program typo too.

Next up: Rod Salka vs. James Ventry.

Salka is the hometown favorite in this one. Interestingly, BoxRec has Ventry scheduled for another fight just 22 days from now.

Big cheers from the crowd for Salka. Tons of cheers for Rod Salka but Spartan thinks they both look good in the ring.

Salka is putting on a show now.

Spartan is estimating close to 2000 in the house packed in now. The crowd is live and vocal tonight too.

Salka is now displaying some good hand speed.

It was a good fight that went the distance. The crowd was very into the action. Rod Salka takes the decision and is now 8-0.

Spartan was able to procure some prime seats for tonight's card. He is close enough to see and possibly even be hit by the sweat.

Spartan is estimating there are well over 2000 people in the house tonight, possibly 3000 now. Looks like Spadafora can still draw in his hometown. I am not exactly sure how the tickets are being priced, but I know Spartan's was affordable.

Here comes the main event. Lots of boos for the opponent, and lots of love for Spaddy, unsurprisingly.

A Spadafora chant breaks out early.

Spadafora vs. Bustos

Round 1
Spartan: 10-9 Spaddy

Nothing special yet. Spaddy is hesitant to throw the right early.

Round 2
Spartan: 10-9 Spaddy

More action in Round 2 than Round 1.

Round 3
Spartan: 10-9 Spaddy

A convincingly won round for Spadafora.

Round 4
Spartan: 10-9 Spaddy

Spadafora finding a groove. He is letting his hands go and is landing accurately. If he keeps this up he may have a chance to end it early.

Round 5
Spartan: 10-9 Spaddy

Spaddy is crushing Bustos right now. He's looking tight and crisp as he takes another round.

It's all over. The towel has been thrown in. Spaddy dominates in front of the home crowd.

Paul Spadafora wins by TKO.

Posted by uatu with on-site reporting by spartan117

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