The Champs the Day Thriller Hit Stores

In honor of the passing of MJ, I thought I would do some quick research to see who the champs of boxing were the day Thriller was released. That day was November 30, 1982. Not a creative story angle but somewhat interesting.

We have said many times that we are not historians of boxing, nor are we historians of Michael Jackson. All of this info was pulled from Wikipedia, which is a shaky source at best. So please, no comments about how there are earlier secret versions of Thriller demos, or there are some crazy sanctioning body recess, emeritus, superduper or humanitarian champs I didn't put on the list. This was thrown together with haste.

Side note: the IBF was only created in 1983, so this is WBA and WBC only and for lightweight, welterweight, middleweight and heavyweight only.

Do you remember the time? I know I don't, but here we go.

WBC - Vacant - looks like Alexis Arguello vacated in May of '82, and it wasn't filled until May of '83 by Edwin Rosario.

WBA - Ray Mancini

WBC - Vacant - Sugar Ray Leonard retired in November of '82. August of '83 it was filled by Milton McCrory.

WBA - Sugar Ray retired and it was filled by Donald Curry in February of '83.

WBC - Marvin Hagler

WBA - Marvin Hagler

WBC - Larry Holmes

WBA - Mike Weaver

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