Cameron Dunkin Denies Pavlik Rehab Reports, Blasts Internet

The official response has come in to reports that Kelly Pavlik is in alcohol rehab, and it's an angry denial.

Pavlik co-manager Cameron Dunkin told the Cleveland Plain Dealer earlier today that the middleweight champ is not and has not been in rehab. He also called the writer of the initial rehab report, Pedro Fernandez of RingTalk.com, a "scumbag" and ripped internet sites for circulating it.

While we'll have to plead guilty as charged on that one - and with full admission that Fernandez has had some, um, credibility issues in the past - it's easy to see how Team Pavlik would be outraged whether the original story was true or false. Both sides are out there now, and the final word probably isn't in just yet.

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