Quick Rundown of Friday Night Fights on ESPN2

Not enough hours in the day to give a complete post on Friday Night Fights or to do a round by round. I will post the outcomes of the major two fights and some truncated thoughts if anything interesting goes down.

Deontay Wilder wins by first round knockout. Atlas loved Wilder's trunks, and I must admit that they are awesome trunks. Bombs dropping with flames exploding. Quite cool.

David Haye was interviewed over the phone, and he was his usual brash and entertaining self. He did say he's ready at the end of July to fight either of the brothers Klitschko.

Oscar De La Hoya was ringside to be interviewed. He said Victor Ortiz is the figher he is most exicted about.

They asked him some questions about Sugar Shane Mosley. He said Shane-Manny is still realistic.

Oscar and Teddy Atlas broke down JMM-Floyd Mayweather. Teddy doesn't see it as a walk in the park for Money May. The layoff may place some pressure on Money May.

Oscar says Money May is a very proud fighter that wants to fight the best, and he gives Floyd credit for coming back against a tough fighter like JMM and not an easy one.

Onto the main event:

Daniel Jacobs vs. George Walton

A fight scheduled for 10 rounds.

They cut in to show footage of Paul Spadafora. You couldn't see Spartan in the crowd, but I assure you he was there. Very short footage, but some nice press for Spaddy as he makes his comeback.

Daniel Jacobs dominated from pillar to post, and looked great with another TKO victory. Jacobs had to overcome a cut and some bleeding in his eye, and totally outworked and out strengthed Walton throughout.

TKO 8th Round for Danny Jacobs

Methinks we will see young Jacobs on the come up to some BAD or Shobox type cards in the near future. Since he's with Golden Boy, more likely BAD or Versus.

Ringside interview:

Jacobs has an injury to the knuckles on his left hand, which is a chronic injury for him.

Did anything go on in his mind with the cut?

He had been cut once before in the amateurs. He wasn't scared here in the pros though, because he had that experience.

Teddy asked Jacobs if he has played Fight Night Round 4 yet, and he said that he had not.

That's it for me.

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