Wladimir Klitschko on Jim Rome is Burning

Wladdy K. is a guest correspondent on Jim Rome is Burning on the worldwide leader today. I think he has done this exact same thing for a previous fight, but I can't remember if it was him or a different fighter.

These segments are usually extremely short and don't offer much insight, but they are great mainstream exposure for fighters. And, of course, Wlad fights tomorrow afternoon on ESPN Classic against Ruslan Chagaev.

Yes, Jim confirms that Wlad has done this role before on the show.

Wlad runs some stairs, runs on the beach, and plays some golf.

Wlad playfully teased Jim about not being able to do these workouts.

Wlad relaxed by doing some kite surfing, his only hobby besides golf.

Wlad flexed his skills on the golf course.

Wlad also did some slight of hand magic tricks on the golf course with a golf ball.

All in all it was a great segment. Wlad was very personable, and humorous and lighthearted throughout. It looks like he may be blossoming into an engaging personality and not just a dominant fighter.

A+ considering the usual short length.

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