Live Jean Pascal-Adrian Diaconu II Round By Round Updates Tonight... Weather and Technology Permitting

Technology is a wonderful thing, more often than not. Without it, a site like this would not exist, and I would not have been able to see nearly as much boxing as I'd like.

Weather is something I'm not as fond of. It's already put the kibosh, apparently, on ESPN being able to carry the Jean Pascal-Adrian Diaconu rematch on ESPN360.com tonight. However, it appears the folks at SecondsOutTV.com will still be streaming it. Check out this link to investigate watching it yourself, because outside of Canada the price is only equivalent to $6.50.

Failing that, as long as everything holds up, I'll be watching it live and doing round by round updates on this very blog. Simply bookmark our main page, cross your fingers and come back around 8:30 Eastern to see if, for one night at least, technology trumps nature.

UPDATE: Don't want to jinx myself, but so far so good on the streaming video, and I believe I will be able to do a round by round post. We're in the middle of an eight-rounder on the undercard as I type this (8:17 Eastern), and I believe there is a 10-rounder still to come, so I don't expect Pascal and Diaconu to get down to business until after 9 pm Eastern.

UPDATE 2: Canadian light heavyweight Eric Lucas just dropped Ramon Moyano with a mean left hook for a fourth-round KO. If I have the card correct, we still have David Lemieux vs. Delray Raines before the main event.

UPDATE 3: Lemieux thrills the fans at the Bell Centre by going to 20-0 with a crushing second-round KO of Raines. One more short swing bout, it appears, before we get Pascal-Diaconu.

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