Maybe Dallas Isn't Out of the Running for Mayweather-Pacquiao Just Yet

The Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight isn't going to be held in Cowboys Stadium near Dallas.

Or is it?

Despite word that Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer turned up his nose at the idea without even checking the place out, Jerry Jones can be a stubborn sort. Just ask Cowboys fans.

ESPN reported yesterday that Dallas isn't dead yet, citing a Los Angeles Times story that suggested Jones would pony up $25 million for the privilege of seeing Money and Manny do battle. Bob Arum's quotes in the piece make it sound like at least Team Pacquiao is still interested.

And there are 100,000 reasons to at least hear out Jones' pitch. That's how many fans could potentially watch in person at Cowboys Stadium, with the ungodly huge HD screens allowing even people seated a mile off the field to be able to see the action with no problem.

Yes, the MGM Grand is used to hosting boxing matches like this. But while this may not be a once in a lifetime fight, it's the kind that doesn't come around very often. if the hype that already surrounds the bout is any indication of the interest that will build between now and March 13, you have to think the fighters would at least weigh the financial benefits of a live gate five times the size of what a casino arena could provide.

Smart money says the fight will still end up in Las Vegas, but I wouldn't count Jones and his facility out of the running until it's officially announced that it will take place somewhere else.

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