Hopkins-Ornelas Fight Night on Versus Undercard Live Blog

It's nearly time for the most famous boxer ever to appear on Versus. Bernard Hopkins is the headliner tonight from the Liacouras Center on the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia.

First, though, we've got a light welterweight bout between undefeated Philly prospect Danny Garcia and Enrique Colin. Garcia is 14-0 with nine KOs; his nickname is "Swift." Colin is 29-5-3

This one is scheduled for 10 rounds. The opening frame is pretty tentative until the final five seconds, when Garcia lands a big right hand that sends Colin to the canvas. He beats the count, but we'll have to see what he has left in the tank.

Colin gets staggered with a right hand early in the second, but Garcia stays patient and keeps measuring his foe. About 50 seconds later, Garcia floors Colin with yet another right hand, and that's all she wrote. Garcia wins by KO at 0:55 of Round 2.

In the post-fight interview, Garcia says he was able to keep his composure even fighting in front of his hometown fans. He says he catches a lot of people with counter rights so he was not surprised about the punch that put Colin down for the first time.

Garcia gives credit to his team and his amateur experience for allowing him to compete with more experienced pros.

Time for a four round featherweight bout. This is Derrick Wilson, a young undefeated prospect from Florida, taking on Guadalupe De Leon, who is ten years older.

The difference in hand speed between these two men is dramatic. Wilson shows off some sweet left hooks and straight rights, and though he leaves himself open for counters, De Leon can't take advantage.

De Leon actually finds his courage in Round 2, coming forward and forcing Wilson to fight with his back against the ropes. Wilson makes De Leon eat some stiff right hands in Round 3, but the announcers think he looks discouraged since De Leon keeps coming.

This is going to be an interesting decision if it goes to the cards. Wilson has landed the harder shots, but De Leon has scored more often and has been more aggressive most of the time. There's some pretty nice two-way action in the final 90 seconds, and it will be up to the judges to decide this one.

The judges score it 39-37 Wilson, and 39-37 De Leon twice. The winner by split decision is Guadalupe De Leon.

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