Victor Ortiz v. Antonio Diaz: Round by Round

The first fight of tonight's HBO tripleheader is between Victor Ortiz and Antonio Diaz. In an interview before the fight, Ortiz said that in his last fight, he was there in body but not in mind. Max Kellerman asks him what he will do if he finds that he's taking punches. He says he's ready to trade it all and that it's boxing. <

HBO skips the intros. They're in the ring and ready to go.

Round 1

Diaz goes on the offensive first, circling the ring. Ortiz is trying to get a jab in. Diaz eats a jab. Ortiz lands another jab followed by a left hook. Ortiz lands a left and Diaz counters with a right hook. Ortiz misses with a left hook and keeps moving around the ring. Diaz lands a body hook, and the ref tells him to keep his punches up. Diaz lands a hook to the body on the inside. Ortiz lands a jab. Ortiz seems more timid than before his loss. The crowd boos after the bell.

Spartan117: 10-9 Diaz

Round 2

Ortiz tries to get the jab going. Diaz catches him coming in with a right hook to the body. Ortiz lands a straight right that backs up Diaz, but he gathers himself and catches Ortiz with a right hand. Now Ortiz starts to loosen up and lands a great combo upstairs. Diaz throws a right hook to stop the combo. Diaz lands a straight right. Ortiz gets caught coming in again, and Diaz lands a left. Ortiz isn't getting close enough to land any of the power punches for which he's known.

Spartan117: 10-9 Ortiz

Round 3

Ortiz keeps jabbing the gloves of Diaz. The punches aren't even close to landing. Diaz lands a few hooks to the body on the inside. Ortiz gets tripped up by the referee. Diaz gets in a nice combo, but Ortiz counters big and Diaz goes down. Ortiz is trying to close the show. Diaz is hurt. He's moving around and trying not to get tagged. Good round for Ortiz.

Spartan117: 10-8 Ortiz

Round 4

Ortiz is starting to take more chances. He lands a great counter left uppercut. Diaz comes back and lands hooks to the head and body. Diaz lands a wide left hook. Ortiz answers back with a left and a right hook. Diaz tries to get a body shot in and Ortiz counters with a right.

Spartan117: 10-9 Ortiz

Round 5

Ortiz is going back into a defensive style. Diaz lands a good left hook. He catches Ortiz again while Ortiz comes in. Diaz catches Ortiz with a left hook while he's against the ropes. A cut has opened over the eye of Diaz. He tries a body shot. Ortiz counters with a great right hook. Ortiz goes back to the jab to finish out the round.

Spartan117:10-9 Ortiz

Round 6

Nothing going on in the first 30 seconds of the round. A few pawing jabs from Ortiz. Now he lands a jab, then a straight left. Ortiz connects with a straight right. The ref takes a break to look at the cut. It looks pretty bad. The doctor keeps it going. Ortiz is going for the kill now. He lands a great right hook, followed by a left. Diaz is pawing at his eye. Ortiz looks to be landing a big left hand. Diaz gets a good left in and Ortiz lands a left of his own.

Spartan117: 10-9 Ortiz

Diaz's corner decides that the cut is too bad for their fighter to continue. It's over.

The winner by TKO at 0:01 of Round 7, "Vicious" Victor Ortiz.

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