Kelly Pavlik-Miguel Espino and Humberto Soto-Jesus Chavez: Predictions

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This should be short and sweet. And by that I mean this post as well as the middleweight title fight between Kelly Pavlik and Miguel Espino.

I don't know much about Espino, but no reputable set of rankings has him listed as a top contender at 160 pounds. This fight will be all about Pavlik, meaning as long as his trials and tribulations haven't beaten him down mentally, he shouldn't be in for much of a challenge.

I'm assuming they haven't, so I expect him to put on a show for his hometown fans, possibly the only ones who would get excited for this fight. A fourth-round KO for The Ghost sounds about right.

The pay-per-view co-feature pitting Humberto Soto against Jesus Chavez is a little more interesting, at least on paper. Soto is on a nice little run, knocking out his last three opponents.

Chavez can't say the same, seeing as he's 0-2 so far this year. But he'll be in there swinging, and there's a decent chance that he or Soto or both of them will be hitting the canvas.

The only time I've ever seen Soto look completely outclassed was two years ago against Joan Guzman, and Chavez doesn't have those types of skills. I expect some nice action in this one before it ends with a right hand that gives Soto a late-round KO victory.

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