Chad Dawson-Glen Johnson II: Live Round By Round Updates Tonight

It's rematch time tonight in Hartford, Connecticut. Can Chad Dawson win in more convincing fashion in a second bout with Glen Johnson after sweating out some anxious moments in the latter stages of his decision victory the first time?

Or can the Road Warrior defiantly spit in the face of Father Time and avenge what he considers to be an injustice perpetrated by the judges? We'll find out live tonight on HBO, along with seeing Alfredo Angulo go for the gold - sort of, in the form of a WBO interim belt - against Harry Joe Yorgey.

If you aren't able to see the fights, you can get our take as they unfold thanks to our live round by round posts. We'll have them out on the main page as they happen, beginning shortly after 9:30 pm (Eastern time) tonight.

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