Fight Night Round 4 Gets Lower Price, New DLC Just in Time for the Holidays

If you're a boxing fan and haven't played Fight Night Round 4... well, the only good reason for not playing it is because you can't afford a copy after spending all of your spare cash on boxing pay-per-views.

EA Sports is going to help you with that problem soon. The game is getting a price drop to $39.99, down from its original $59.99 price point.

On top of that, there's some new downloadable content (or DLC, as the cool kids call it) heading our way in December, in two delicious flavors: paid and free. The paid content pack will add Bernard Hopkins, Evander Holyfield and Sonny Liston to the list of playable boxers plus introduce two new game modes (though details are sparse at this point) called Old School Rules and Ring Rivalries. These goodies will set you back $9.99 on the PlayStation Network and 800 Microsoft Points (roughly the same cost) on Xbox Live.

On the free side, an update will fix some bugs, add some new gloves, trunks and boots for your created boxers, and perhaps most interestingly, allow gamers to copy and edit the attributes for the real boxers. You know, in case you want to play as Manny Pacquiao back when all he did was bob his head from side to side and look to fire the left hand.

Sounds like all good stuff. Thanks to EA Sports for the early Christmas presents.

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