Lucian Bute vs. Librado Andrade II: Round By Round

After a questionable decision in the co-feature, we're almost ready for the main event from Quebec City. Lucian Bute and Librado Andrade will do battle for a second time, with Bute's IBF super middleweight title on the line. The first fight ended in controversial fashion, as Bute got what appeared to be more than 10 seconds to get up from a late knockdown, then got the victory on the scorecards.

The fighters are in the ring. It's almost time.

Here we go...

Round 1:

Jabs both ways. Nothing landing. No surprise, Andrade coming forward. Bute looking fleet of foot. A right from Andrade with not too much steam. Andrade picking off jabs. One-two from Bute is quick and efficient. Left from Bute. In and out from Bute. Looks like rounds 1 through 10 from the first fight, although Bute isn't landing anything too great. Nice left lead from Bute there. Not too much excitement, but it goes Bute's way.

Uatu: Bute 10-9

Round 2:

Andrade aggressive early. Bute is countering but Andrade is blocking them, although it gets a rise out of HBO for no reason. Nice jab from Andrade. Bute is firing here and there, but right into the gloves. One-two from Bute and he escapes. Decent work there. Tie up in the middle. Four punches from Bute, probably two solid lands. Andrade is pressing the action again. Somewhat ineffective aggression. I suppose this is another Bute round.

Uatu: Bute 10-9

Round 3:

Is Andrade laying ground work for the late rounds again? His fans would have to hope so. HBO thinks Bute looks tense. He is very squirrely out there. Lots of movement and jerking around. I still believe he is landing more cleanly than Andrade, even if they aren't thudding shots. Awesome combo from Bute and a rocking left there that stumbled Andrade a bit. Nice, nice shot. Bute bombs him again two or three times. This is a more than solid round for Bute. He is hitting hard now. Andrade is unfazed though. Bute pot-shotting now with lead lefts and than escapes Calzaghe style. Very very good round for Bute.

Uatu: Bute 10-9

Round 4:

Nice uppercut from Andrade. Harold has it 3-0 Bute. He loves the up jab from Bute. Max thinks it's 3-0 but Andrade is better than last fight. Nice two-way action. Andrade landing more for sure now. Bute rips another combo. Now here comes Andrade. Bute rocks Andrade with the left! Down he goes! Bute throwing but playing it somewhat safe. Not going for the kill. Probably the right move. Andrade still pressing. Bute rips him to the body. Down goes Andrade to the stomach! Andrade can't get up! It's over with the body shot!

Great performance from Bute. He is due loads of credit. Andrade upped his game and it just did not matter. Bute didn't run and hide like most thought he would.

Your winner by KO at 2:57 of Round 4... and still IBF super middleweight titleholder... Lucian Bute!

Bute thanks everyone and HBO, and then makes some French comments, I assume. He says everything went as planned.

Did he think he could stop Andrade?
Yes he did. That's what he prepared for.

What didn't the corner like after Round 1?
The trainer said he had to use the jab effectively, and if he did, Andrade would go down.

Did he think Andrade would get up after knockdown No. 1?
That's the surprise we worked on. Lennox Lewis did it against Rahman, and so could we.

Some long-winded question from Max comparing Lennox to Bute. Not worth much as a question. Bute says he felt exactly like Lennox did at the time. This is the real Bute. He hasn't felt this good in two years. The last fight with Andrade was a mistake.

Bute thanks the people in Florida that helped him prepare.

And I' m out. Paul Williams, Sergio Martinez, Chris Arreola and Brian Minto next week.

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