Silver Star Unveils New Manny Pacquiao Destroyer T-Shirt

You had to figure it was just a matter of time before a U.S. clothing company decided it would be good business to link up with Manny Pacquiao, right?

Apparently Silver Star thinks so. The So Cal apparel maker (and personal favorite of this blogger) has made signature shirts for a bunch of MMA stars, but they've proven they know good boxing when they see it by introducing the Manny Pacquiao Destroyer t-shirt. You can pre-order it now and it will start shipping on Nov. 11... oh wait, that's today!

Much as I'd love to support Manny, I'm not sure the wife will be too crazy about the crossed pistols on the front of the shirt around our two small children. The company newsletter did say that Silver Star is rolling out the Destroyer Collection, though, so perhaps more designs are in the works.

Stay tuned...

Posted by The Franchise


uatu said...

It surprises me that Silver Star was able to do a Manny shirt. Is he not aligned with Nike?

Nick Tylwalk said...

Yep, last I checked Manny was still a Nike athlete. However... with the exception of a few things like the SF Giants t-shirt they did before the Hatton fight, most of Manny's Nike gear is available only in the Philippines. I'm guessing that's what allowed Silver Star to work with him.