Cart Before Horse? Dallas Morning News Says Mayweather-Pacquiao Could Take Place at New Cowboys Stadium

As an unabashed Manny Pacquiao fan (disclaimer: all of the BoxingWatchers staffers are part-Filipino!), it's easy to fall in the trap of looking past Miguel Cotto and daydreaming about a bout with Floyd Mayweather. As it turns out, others should feel even guiltier of that than me.

The Dallas Morning News reported today that Cowboys Stadium could be the site for Mayweather-Pacquiao in March. The story quotes Bruce Trampler of Top Rank saying he's already discussed the possibility with Jerry Jones.

I think we all knew that Jones would have to use the stadium for something other than eight Cowboys home games a year to recoup his billion-dollar investment. I even dig the idea of using it for boxing, though it's quite large and I'm not certain many fights would even come close to filling it up.

Do I think it will actually host the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight? Uh, no, and certainly not in March. There are just too many moving pieces: Pac Man has to beat Cotto, the two fighters would have to come to terms quickly on what is certain to be a testy negotiation, both men would have to pass up larger fan bases in Las Vegas, everyone has to stay healthy, etc.

There's nothing wrong with dreaming big, though, and a championship match between two of boxing's biggest stars certainly fits the bill. Maybe in 2011...

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