Alfredo Angulo vs. Harry Joe Yorgey: Round By Round

HBO's World Championship Boxing is live from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. The headliner is the rematch between Chad Dawson and Glen Johnson at 175 pounds, but first there's business at 154 pounds, with Alfredo Angulo facing undefeated Harry Joe Yorgey.

Jim Lampley and Max Kellerman take a look at the landscape of the 154-pound decision, including guys like Angulo, Paul Williams, Kermit Cintron and James Kirkland. The tale of the tape for tonight's bout shows that the 27-year old Angulo has very slim edges in height and reach. Yorgey, 31, is two pounds heavier tonight.

Yorgey is 22-0-1 with 10 KOs and hails from Bridgeport, PA. Angulo is 16-1 with 13 KOs, and yes, he's sporting his trademark dog collar for the introductions.

We're set for a scheduled 12 rounds for the interim WBO junior middleweight title.

Round 1

Neither man looks like he wants to sit back, with Angulo stalking and Yorgey hopping around. Nice counter right by Yorgey and he works some jabs. He tries the body and Angulo keeps coming. Left hook by Yorgey but not much steam on it. Angulo cuts off the ring and lands a combo. Stiff jab by Harry Joe as he weaves side to side. Angulo scores with two straight rights. Angulo throws a right over the top and backs Yorgey into the ropes. Perro clubs with a few more short punches in the closing seconds.

Franchise: 10-9 Angulo
Spartan117: 10-9 Angulo

Round 2

Yorgey flicks out the jab multiple times. Angulo tries to duck and fire and Harry Joe scores with a right while backing off. Nice left hook counter by Yorgey but Angulo makes him eat two right hands. Angulo stuns Yorgey with a right in the corner and ends up going down after some follow-up punches. Yorgey beats the count with about 70 seconds left in the round. Here comes Angulo, strafing Harry Joe with rights and lefts and Harry Joe staggers back to the corner. A body shot crashes home and Angulo comes forward again. Yorgey somehow stays on his feet until the end of the round.

Franchise: 10-8 Angulo
Spartan117: 10-8 Angulo

Round 3

Yorgey gets full credit for guts but he's staggered again early in this frame. He goes down again but the ref still won't call it off. A left-right combo catches him in the corner and he goes down hard. This fight is over now, and we'll just have to hope Yorgey is okay.

The HBO crew debates whether or not the fight should have been stopped earlier. The consensus was that it was a tough call because Yorgey was throwing back all the way until the end, though another ref may have found a reason to stop it. Yorgey is back on his feet and walking around, which is good to see.

The winner by TKO in Round 3... and interim WBO junior middleweight titleholder... Alfredo "Perro" Angulo.

In the post-fight interview, Angulo says he was not surprised that Yorgey tried to box him, but he was ready to showcase himself and take his first world title. He gives a shout out to Mexico and all of his fans.

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