Oscar De La Hoya on George Lopez

Oscar looked to be in decent shape. No blow up in weight. He looked young and healthy.

Lopez started with some jokes about Oscar making the fights female friendly.

Oscar told an anecdote about him fighting in Texas and the crazy women. It was a sloppy segue. Obviously a fed set up from Lopez. The story said that Oscar took a path around an arena he wasn't supposed to and bras were flying everywhere. The punch line involved was that one of the bras was the size of a parachute.

Lopez complemented Oscar for remaining humble "and not throwing money at the camera." A dig at our friend Money Mayweather I imagine.

Oscar told the story about how he carries a food stamp in his wallet. Oscar said "shit," which I guess is a surprise on TBS even after 11 pm, at least to me.

Oscar was loose going into the commercial break. He was actually much more natural and in the flow than usual. He tends to sound extremely over-rehearsed when he does his promoter's spiel at the dais. Here he wasn't as robotic.

And we're back.

They showed some of Oscar's knockout highlights leading back to the show.

Lopez told a joke about Oscar fighting and complimenting him for making so much money.

Oscar announced he is coming back to fight again. He said both the place and date have been picked out. And he's fighting....Erik Estrada! Oscar isn't the world's greatest actor but it was all in fun.

Oscar did his Shaq impersonation. He told the story of "Shaq Versus." He said Shaq is a great athlete, strong, and Shaq tried hard against him, and Oscar was very sore afterward.

They moved onto Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather. Oscar said it has to happen, but it's up to Mayweather and he's his own boss.

Next up was a segment at Justin Timberlake's golf tourney, and Justin was on as well as Alfonso Riberio. I know who he is, do you? There were some sight gags; Anthony Kim was involved.

They made some weigh-in jokes and some other stuff. It wasn't horrible. Lopez is a funny guy, but this material was pretty light and not too edgy. And that was it.

I give Oscar a solid B.

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