Predictions: Dawson-Tarver II

The Franchise says...

Back in June 2004, the three brothers who would one day become the BoxingWatchers made their first trip to Canastota for the International Boxing Hall of Fame induction weekend. One of the current boxers we were most excited to see was Antonio Tarver, who was riding high off his stunning second-round KO of Roy Jones Jr.

We waited in line for the Magic Man's autograph for quite a while and were closing in when he was told he needed to get ready for the Banquet of Champions, and they literally cut off the line right in front of Spartan117, who was a young lad of just 18 years of age at the time. Fortunately, the experience didn't scar Spartan for very long, as he remained a fan of boxing and, as far as I know, of Tarver as well.

What does that story have to do with Tarver's rematch on Saturday with Chad Dawson? Absolutely nothing, but if I left out that anecdote this post would be pretty short.

Tarver has had success in rematches, defeating Jones (twice), Glen Johnson and Eric Harding after losing to those men the first time. But that's about all he has going for him, and truthfully he hasn't looked like his old self since getting pummeled by Bernard Hopkins about three years ago.

Dawson is younger, stronger and faster and had few problems in the first fight. No reason to think differently this time, so expect Dawson to win by lopsided unanimous decision, with a real chance that he may hand Tarver his first KO loss instead.

Uatu says...

The prediction and analysis is spot on. However, let me say a few things about Tarver. I do not believe that Tarver is "done" or "shot" necessarily. So he lost to Bernard. There's a chance that in both of their primes he would have lost to B-Hop anyway.

And also, he may very well have lost to Chad in both of their primes as well. He may have lost in a one-sided fashion, but if Chad is as great as everyone seems to think he is, and he may very well be, then possibly Tarver would never be as fast as Chad, today or five years ago. So let's cut Antonio some slack, and give him credit for still being a top notch fighter, and give Chad credit if he totally works Tarver over. That's it.

Dawson by unanimous decision or late stoppage.

Spartan117 says...

That story from the Boxing Hall of Fame sure brings a wave of nostalgia. Tarver was really on top of the boxing world. The fans gathered around to watch his training sessions and the line for his autograph table dwarfed the other fighters. He was even on the Tonight Show.

Unfortunately for the Magic Man, those days have passed, as has his prime. I agree with Uatu that his defeats were given by elite fighters, but he has no business being in this rematch. He's lucky he had that rematch clause in his contract.  

"Bad" Chad is too young, too fast and too strong for Tarver. He's only getting better at this point in his career and I think he'll be even better than his last bout with Tarver.

Dawson by mid-round KO.

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