Live Andre Berto-Juan Urango and Alfredo Angulo-Kermit Cintron Round By Round Updates Tonight

There's some drama here at BoxingWatchers.com as we get ready for another night of boxing on HBO at 9:45 Eastern time tonight.

Will Spartan117 get his cable and internets hooked up at his new place in time to chronicle the action? Or will one of the other BoxingWatchers have to step up in the clutch?

Since Andre Berto is the headliner and is one of Spartan's favorite boxers, we hope it works out for him. If not, someone else will be doing live round by round updates here for all of the unfortunate souls who aren't able to watch Berto face Juan Urango and Alfredo Angulo collide with Kermit Cintron tonight.

Look for new posts with running recaps out on the main page as the fights happen.

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