Hatton vs. Pacquiao: Undercard Liveblog

We bring the undercard to you after some technical difficulty.  The first two undercard fights were four-rounders.

The third undercard is between Daniel Jacobs and Michael Walker.  Walker is 19-1-2 and Jacobs is 15-0 with 14 KOs.

The first of eight rounds has just begun.  Jacobs is looking good.  The HBO crew informs us that Daniel Jacobs fought just a week ago.  This is his sixth fight in 18 months.  Jacobs gets busy and is throwing great combos.  Jacobs has been getting caught in the ropes and Walker has been doing well.  Jacobs' hand speed and accuracy gets a showcase in Round 1.  At one point Jacobs threw about a 15-punch combo to end the round.

Jacobs gets caught against the ropes a few more times.  Walker has had some success when Jacobs is in that position.  Walker is swinging wildly and missing big.  Jacobs movement looks great.  He's blocking well and getting out of the way of Walker's unpredictable style.  Round 3 has actually been a better round for Walker.  He's been getting Jacobs against the ropes and throwing combos.  Walker literally lifts and tackles Jacobs.  Jacobs gets time to adjust after the tackle.  Walker should be penalized a point for sure.

Walker is the aggressor but Jacobs is using great ring generalship and blocking and countering well.  The action gets stopped in the fifth round because of an accidental headbutt.  It looked like it hurt Walker, who used time to recover.

HBO shows a view from the MGM Grand concourse and it looks ridiculous.  There are fans for both fighters there but certainly more for Hatton.

Neither fighter is getting tired down the stretch.  Harold Lederman has given Jacobs every round, but I think Walker has stolen some.  There isn't much damage for either fighter either.  Both of their faces look fine despite the bombs they have been throwing.  The eighth round is starting now and it looks like this is going to go the distance.

The judges score it 80-72 twice and 79-73, all for the winner by unanimous decision, Daniel "The Golden Child" Jacobs.

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