Hatton v. Pacquiao: Round by Round

The undercard fights are finished and the build-up for the main event has begun. Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton should be in the ring in about 10-15 minutes.

There are a lot of stars in the crowd: Jay-Z, Jack Nicholson, P. Diddy, Jeremy Piven, Mariah Carey and Denzel Washington.

Michael Buffer starts the pre-fight pageantry. There are three national anthems: American, British and Filipino.

The British fans are in full force now. The band is deafening.

Hatton comes out first. He usually comes out to "Blue Moon;" we'll see if he does again. Not this time. He comes out to his Ricky Fatton theme song. The crowd is not nearly pumped as they used to get for "Blue Moon." Now "Blue Moon" comes on. I thought the crowd would be louder. That's very strange.

Pacquiao comes out second. He comes out to a Filipino tune.

The fight is for the IBO junior welterweight title. The crowd goes wild for Hatton's intro as expected. They then boo Manny.

The fighters receive their instructions and we are finally ready to go!

Round 1
Hatton's band starts up quickly. They come to the center of the ring. Hatton throws the first punch and it's a jab. Manny's using good footwork to get out of the way. Hatton keeps throwing the jab. Manny counters with a good right hand. Manny comes forward with his own jab. Manny has been tagging Hatton when he comes in. Hatton gets tagged again on the way in. Manny dodges a right hand and makes Hatton eat one of his own. Hatton gets rocked again and has to clinch to stay up. Pacquiao connects again and Hatton goes down! Hatton beats the count, but he is in trouble. Hatton eats more right hands. The Hitman clinches to stay alive. He goes down again! Hatton makes it up by the count of eight. What a fantastic round for Pac-Man.

Spartan117: 10-7 Pacquiao
Uatu: 10-7 Pacquiao

Round 2
Hatton looks to have his legs back under him, but he just can't find Manny. Pacquiao is dodging Hatton's right hand every time. Hatton turns on the aggression. Hatton lands a right hand. Manny now lands a left-right combo. Manny blocks a right hand from Hatton. Manny hits Hatton again with a right hand when he comes in. Manny dodges a right hand and lands another of his own. Manny is making all of the right moves right now. Hatton is trying to overpower Manny now. Manny lands a big right hand and sends Hatton backwards. Hatton is trying to land a big knockout punch. Pac-Man lands an absolutely ridiculous left hand and Hatton goes down hard! Hatton is unconscious. It's all over.

The winner by KO at 2:59 of Round 2... and new IBO light welterweight champion... Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao.

In the post-fight interview, Manny says that he knew the fight would be tough and that Hatton has a strong left hand. He says that Hatton would fear his left hand but the right hand is his new weapon. They show him the first knockdowns and Manny says that it's exactly how they trained and you could see that in the episodes of 24/7. Larry Merchant hints at Floyd Mayweather.

Freddie Roach gets the mic now. He says that Hatton hasn't changed at all despite his training with Floyd Sr. He said he's watched the tapes and nothing has changed.

No post-fight interview for Hatton as he is being observed by the ring doctors.

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Pacquiao Cotto said...

When Roach said the fight will end in three rounds, I didn't believe him for I know Hatton is tough. Next time, I will believe him. This is the KO of the year!

There are now attempts to discredit Hatton but as boxing fans we know the guy's for real and not to be taken lightly. Great victory for Pacquiao!