BoxingWatchers.com Boxer Power Rankings - May 2009

Hi all. Let me assure you that after Saturday's scintillating destruction of Ricky Hatton, Manny Pacquiao would be atop this list with no questions asked.

Alas, it's a mathematical measure of how a boxer has performed over the last three years, adding points for activity and decisive wins (and subtracting for losses) and multiplying by the recent winning percentages of his opponents - that last one's important, or Juan Manuel Lopez would be setting record scores.

As it is, JuanMa is part of the new blood on the list this month, and Pac-Man is upwardly mobile. On with the scores:

1. Arthur Abraham - 23.73
- I've beaten the Kelly Pavlik drum for King Arthur enough that I'm tired of doing it. Now I've decided that fighting Paul Williams would really test his mettle, but I'm pretty sure he won't consider that.

2. Celestino Caballero - 20.38 - He can thank his high spot on this list to some home cooking, because by all accounts he was fortunate to escape Panama with his super bantamweight title intact April 30 against Jeffrey Mathebula. Still, his numbers don't lie over the last three years.

3. Manny Pacquiao - 19.27 - The world's best boxer may not be wanted back home right now because of swine flu worries, but we want him at the top of this list. If he were to fight and knock out Floyd Mayweather later this year, that would probably do it.

4. Juan Manuel Lopez - 19.03
- JuanMa finally has enough quality wins to crack this list, and he does it in style at No. 4. If he can keep his KO streak going against strong competition, he'll keep climbing.

5. Kelly Pavlik - 18.13 - I'm not exactly sure what Sergio Mora did to deserve a shot at The Ghost's middleweight belts, but whatever. Props to Top Rank for getting people to keep paying to watch Pavlik fight whoever they come up with, I guess.

6. Wladimir Klitschko - 17.02 - Hilariously said he's looking forward to giving David Haye the pizza face when they meet in June. Their war of words has me anticipating a Steelhammer fight for the first time in... well, ever maybe.

7. David Haye - 17.00 - Idiot or genius? I'm not sure if Haye is making a mistake getting Wlad mad or helping his upset chances by getting in his foe's head. We'll know in a few weeks.

8. Paul Williams - 16.33 - Actually didn't improve his score in these rankings too much last month, as Winky Wright was only 1-1-1 over the last three years. Regardless, it was another impressive performance for The Punisher.

9. Nonito Donaire - 16.00
- The Filipino Flash returns to the top 10 with a KO of previously undefeated Raul Martinez. I'd like to see him fight Vic Darchinyan again but there is bad promotional blood preventing that from happening.

10. Juan Manuel Marquez - 15.46 - Obviously, JMM can make a huge leap up this list if he can upset Floyd Mayweather this summer. More importantly, a win would likely get him the rematch with Pac-Man he so desperately craves.

The next 7: Vic Darchinyan, Miguel Cotto, Andre Berto, Carl Froch, Chris John, Chad Dawson, Tomasz Adamek

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