Pretty Boy Floyd Money Mayweather Makes the ESPN Rounds

Yesterday, I caught Floyd Mayweather Jr. on ESPNEWS where he spent the entire segment in his "bad guy" mode being combative and argumentative with the ESPNEWS anchor, whose name I did not catch.

I must admit, I found the entire segment extremely entertaining. There are many, many people who might have been turned off by Floyd's extreme confidence, but it didn't really bother me.

Floyd came on to hype up his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, and in his defense, the anchor spent most of the time cutting Floyd off and trying to get him to answer questions about Manny Pacquiao instead of JMM. Not surprisingly, Floyd was having none of it, and answered however he wanted regardless of the question.

Today, it looks like Floyd was on ESPN again, of course to hype the fight with JMM, but this time being questioned by the always reliable Brian Kenny. A report will follow.

Mayweather Interview with Brian Kenny - Pt. I

BK started by saying that they missed Floyd, the former pound-for-pound No.1.

Floyd said he is not the former No. 1 P4P, but is still the current since he has never been beat. Floyd insulted BK by saying he never laced up gloves and he doesn't know anything about boxing. Then he said it again, that BK knows nothing about boxing.

Why come back?

PBF said why not? He's the cash cow, and everyone knows what he brings.

Has Floyd drawn as much as Oscar De La Hoya? Isn't Oscar the cash cow?

PBF said Oscar was on pay-per-view a million times. PBF then said BK was a man of many traits and a master of nothing.

PBF or Manny more impressive against Oscar and Hatton?

PBF goes with himself, of course. Oscar was at his true weight and 10 oz. gloves against Floyd. Mayweather knocked Hatton out with 10 oz. gloves. And he is focused on JMM, and would focus on Manny if he was in front of him.

BK says that was only part I, and part II gets even nastier. A report will follow.

The teaser during commercials from BK said that Floyd didn't want to hear about Manny, and he really didn't want to hear about Sugar Shane Mosley.


JMM is excellent but he's a lightweight. Why pick a non-welter?

PBF gets agitated. Here we go again, he says, I was waiting for you to ask this. BK says he got full credit for both Hatton and the Oscar fight. PBF says BK is not giving him his chance to speak. Why is he too big for JMM but not Manny?

PBF asks, hasn't Manny been KO'd twice. BK says like a decade ago at lower weights. Who has beaten Floyd, Floyd asks? No one, BK concedes.

Why not Mosley, who is a champ in his weight class right now?

PBF says he doesn't fight for bragging rights. He adds that Mosley has five losses already. And nobody beats Floyd. He also says that Mosley is not a PPV attraction.

BK asks if Mosley isn't a bigger PPV attraction than JMM?

Floyd says JMM has a whole country behind him. PBF says Manny could get it, but he does have a problem with Arum.

Floyd asks where was Manny back in '95? BK says he is a whole new fighter. Floyd says JMM beat Manny both times and BK knows it.

The whole interview unedited is 13 minutes and is on ESPN SportsCenter and BK's radio show website.

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spartan117 said...

THAT, is quality television!

uatu said...

yeah, it was nice. Floyd didn't really have to insult BK but oh well.

I can understand why Floyd feels he is #1 pound for pound still and also why he is annoyed about Manny questions when he is fighting JMM and not Manny.