Predictions: James Kirkland vs. Joel Julio

Uatu says...

I like Julio in this one. Kirkland is a beast in there, but he is definitely there to be hit. Julio is actually the betting underdog in this fight, but he has superior experience to Kirkland as far as their records go. In the one Julio loss that I was able to watch, Julio was in tough against a quality fighter in Carlos Quintana, and no one that Kirkland has fought can measure up to that. Kirkland doesn't fight like Quintana at all either.

Kirkland has an agressive, maximum-leverage-in-punches style, and he is usually in supreme condition as well. So this fight does have the potential to have an explosive knockout either way. I think Julio has enough skill to evade the big bomb and fire back with some big shots of his own. Do I have the guts to pick Julio by KO? I do. I don't see this fight going the distance. Julio by late stoppage.

I will also take Victor Ortiz to pound out a decision against Mike Arnaoutis.

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