Live Klitschko-Gomez, Jones-Sheika Round By Round Updates Tonight

First of all, a big thumbs down goes to ESPN for moving the Vitali Klitschko-Juan Carlos Gomez heavyweight title fight from its regular station to ESPN Classic. Yes, I know Classic shows a lot of boxing programming, but why bother obtaining the rights to show the fight if you aren't going to put it in front of the widest possible audience?

In any case, if you don't get ESPN Classic or are too carried away with March Madness to watch the fight, we've got you covered. Head on over to our main page and look for a new post with live round by round updates shortly after 6 pm Eastern.

Also, we'll have live updates of the Roy Jones Jr.-Omar Sheika fight later tonight. You can actually watch that mixed boxing-MMA card through your computer thanks to the people at MaxBoxing.com, and if you live outside North America, it works out to just $9.95 U.S. Still, if you can't swing that, our main page will have a round by round thread for the Jones fight as well.

Posted by The Franchise


uatu said...

for what it's worth, I had read on espn that the move had to be made to classic to accomodate a contract to broadcast wrestling. also, the german promoters couldn't promise the main event to go off in time for the wrestling.

seems like something that would have been ironed out before, but there it is

uatu said...

so you are buying the Jones card through maxboxing or through your TV?

The Franchise said...

Through my computer.

uatu said...

what time? will you be posting updates of the other fights including the MMA fights?

The Franchise said...

I will be doing a live blog for the undercard, with updates at least for the B.J. Flores boxing match and the Bobby Lashley MMA match.

I believe the card is going to start at 9 pm Eastern.

uatu said...

nice. i am curious of how both lashley and flores look, maybe even more so than roy.