Roy Jones Jr. v. Omar Sheika: Round by Round

Due to some unforeseen events, I will take over for The Franchise and attempt to fight off the cousin of death and make it to the final bell of Jones-Sheika.

Doing this round by round with multiple computer screens will make for some tricky blogging.

Nate Campbell says that it is hard for Roy to let go of all of these fans.

People who criticized this card have said that there aren't a lot of crossover fans between MMA and boxing. I have heard multiple people say it's like going to an event to see two different sports, like a baseball game and a basketball game.

I disagree. I believe these two sports are closer than that. They are both types of fighting. I see it like going to a track meet and seeing races of different lengths and some with hurdles. Some are relays and some steeplechase. Those events are all track, just different disciplines. Or a swimming meet with different strokes. Just my opinion.

Here comes Sheika to the ring. He comes out to "Victory" by Diddy, who at that time was still Puff Daddy. That isn't a dumb name joke, but that album he was actually still Puff Daddy.

Here comes Roy. He is getting great applause. He came out to some R & B song. It may be "Rehab" by Rihanna or a song that sounds like it. Yes, it is "Rehab."

The crowd really seems into the event. There's more applause for this fight than I have heard for many televised events over the years.

Roy looks to be in excellent shape. You wouldn't be able to tell his age by looking at him. Of course, how you look doesn't necessarily mean that your reflexes haven't slowed, but it sure beats being fat and out of shape.

Round 1
Omar is coming forward. Jumping left hooks from Roy. Jones is showing movement. One-two from Roy and a left to the body. Omar gets him in the corner. Omar is trying hard rights. Two Roy uppercuts. Hard right from Omar. The crowd is going nuts for anything from Roy. Lead rights. A huge left hook for Roy buckles Omar.

Uatu: Jones 10-9

Round 2
Jones is in control. He is showing a ton of vintage Roy: left hand down, lead rights, jumping lefts, small hooks, huge hooks and lots of moving around. Just like vintage Roy, though, he can be pressed to the ropes like Tarver did in their first fight. Unlike that fight, Omar isn't getting through the guard or grabbing.

Uatu: Jones 10-9

Round 3
I have got a great double window thing going. This is better than doing a blog on TV. Omar gets Roy to the ropes and fires his hard rights to the head. Not sure if Roy blocked them. He is best off keeping the fight in the middle. Roy is landing all kinds of jabs now. I think Roy may have been caught there, because he did a cocky dance which makes me think he was hit a little. Big left hook from Sheika. I am not convinced that Roy's chin is sturdy. He got moved a little in Round 1, and if Omar can keep ropes pressure up... he may be winning this round. Roy is back controlling in the middle, but not for long as Omar presses to the ropes. Nice flurry by Roy to close the round. A good left hook in there.

Uatu: Jones 10-9

Round 4
The round starts and Roy is back to the ropes. Both men land there. Roy gets all the credit from The Colonel. It's clear Roy is dominant in hand speed. He is jabbing like a madman and keeping Omar away. Sheika can't get close. Very good stuff from Roy. Now Omar gets him in close, but they grab. Big right from Roy. Omar keeps coming and lands his own. I like Nate's commentary. He is being fair to both men during the fight. There's a slight lull as the men grab each other. Omar is flying in with his aggression. Can he wear Roy down over time? Lots of wrestling - that could tire them both. Left hook from Jones, and he dances as the round ends.

Uatu: Jones 10-9

Round 5
Immediately, Omar gets Roy in the corner. No damage. Big time shot in the middle of the ring form Roy - a left uppercut I think. Roy gets in two more lead left hooks. The crowd "oohs" with every shot. Nate says Omar is only a straight-line fighter, and that is a very apt description of exactly what his limitation has been. Roy is landing and dancing in the middle of the ring. Roy got a bunch of nice shots in. And the fight is over? Omar is bleeding, but not too badly. The Colonel loves the stoppage; Nate doesn't seem to agree as much. I don't agree with it.

We will never know if Omar could have gotten to Roy down the stretch. I think it would have been interesting. The flip side to this, to be fair, is that Roy won every round. In the middle of the ring in the fifth, he ripped off some very nice combinations that had some strings of power punches thrown in there. But Omar wasn't really buckled, he never slowed down, and he was never knocked down. So it goes - a great night overall for RJJ. He looked sharp in there and the crowd loved it.

The winner by TKO at 1:45 of Round 5... Roy Jones Jr.

Roy says he felt very good in there. He felt comfortable with his team of Roy Sr. and Merk.

He gives some shots out to Pensacola.

The crowd wants him back. He says he better go back to training and he will be coming back.

I don't mind that at all. If he wants to fight, and the crowd suport is there, why not? If the fight is worth watching, and this one was, then God bless him. He doesn't even have to fight the top killers in my opinion. That time is over. He can continue his career as a promoter and entertainer and everyone is happy. I wouldn't myself shell out a lot of dough to see him, but if others want to, knock yourself out.

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Glad to see we got coverage. Jones may be well over the hill but I'm still interested to see how he's doing.