Ortiz v. Arnaoutis: Round by Round

The second fight tonight is between Victor Ortiz and Mike Arnaoutis. Ortiz is a young up-and-comer in the 140 lb. weight class at 22 years old. Arnaoutis is 29.

Time to fight.

Rd 1
Ortiz starts out bouncing on his toes. They feel each other out in the first minute of the round, not much gets thrown. Ortiz backs up Arnaoutis with a stiff jab. Arnaoutis tries the counter-punch tactic with little success. Ortiz gets a left hook in. Lennox says that Ortiz looks too stiff. Arnaoutis gets in with a hook to the body. Ortiz is the more active fighter and that wins him the round for me.

Spartan117: 10-9 Ortiz
Uatu: 10-9 Ortiz

Rd 2
It's important to note that Anaoutis is trained by Buddy McGirt. Ortiz blocks 2 body shots and lands 2 hooks to the head. Anaoutis is using a lot of movement around the ring. Oriz lands an enormous left hook that knocks Anaoutis stumbling. Ortiz puts the pressure on and the ref stops the action.

The winner by TKO at 1:27 of Round Two... Victor Ortiz.

Victor says that the plan was to keep calm and go off of what Anaoutis came with. He gives a lot of credit to Anaoutis and says he's a tough fighter. He says he will follow what his team says and right now he could go for some Taco Bell. Ortiz says he wants a shot at the top of the division.

Posted by spartan117


uatu said...

two fights and not quite four rounds of action.

uatu said...

tremendous left from ortiz.

he had arnaoutis wobbling around and not quite all there

uatu said...

I thought Arnaoutis would be able to extend him further but that great left with a follow-up uppercut put a stop to it early.

Nick Tylwalk said...

Wow, that's an impressive quick win for Ortiz.

uatu said...

oh yeah. it looked like Arnaoutis landed less than ten punches