Delvin Rodriguez vs. Shamone Alvarez: Friday Night Fights Main Event Round By Round

The March 6 main event of Friday Night Fights pits welterweight Delvin Rodriguez against Shamone Alvarez. It's just Rodriguez's second fight since his fight last July sent Oscar Diaz to the hospital for emergency brain surgery.

There's a good video package that shows Rodriguez dealing with the effects of the Diaz fight. He's from Danbury, Connecticut, which is not too far from the site of tonight's card, the Mohegan Sun.

Mike Greenberg is the guest for Teddy Atlas' Fight Plan. The plan for Rodriguez is to land the right hand off the jab when Alvarez is bouncing. Atlas likes the right uppercut-left hook combination as a key for Alvarez.

Rodriguez is 23-2-2 and is coming off a draw in his last fight. Alvarez is 20-1 with 11 KOs.

Round One

Alvarez comes out very aggressively with rights to the body and lefts upstairs. He catches Rodriguez with a left and wobbles him. Rodriguez gathers his wits and tries his own left hands. Another left crashes home for Alvarez. Rodriguez tries to keep things at range. He scores with two right hands but takes a shot coming back. Alvarez misses and is whacked by two body shots.

Franchise: 10-9 Alvarez

Round Two

Rodriguez fires sharp right hands off the jab. Alvarez is warned for low shots. Alvarez is still trying to get inside. Rodriguez is controlling distance a little better, but Alvarez sneaks in a right hook. Right to the head and left to the body by Rodriguez. He lands another straight right and ducks out of trouble.

Franchise: 10-9 Rodriguez

Round Three

Good exchange in the opening seconds. Rodriguez lands to the body but takes a head shot in return. The ref warns Rodriguez for a low shot. Another good exchange ends with the two men tying up in the center. Rodriguez chases his foe to land a right. More warnings from the ref. Nice combination work from Rodriguez. Alvarez lands a stiff shot at the bell but it may not have won him the round.

Franchise: 10-9 Rodriguez

Round Four

One-two by Rodriguez. He lands a right coming in and ties up. He's finding a home for the right hand more often, and his footwork has been better. Alvarez jabs and chases. Counters to the body by Rodriguez. Nice left finally scores from Alvarez. He's landed a few very clean shots but is getting hit with a lot more quantity.

Franchise: 10-9 Rodriguez

Round Five

Alvarez retreats and is hit with a left hook. Rodriguez is avoiding a lot of the return fire in this round. Right-left combo from Rodriguez. Alvarez jabs his way in but catches rights to the body and head. Alvarez tries to rough his foe up on the inside. Good exchange before the bell and both men have their heads snap back.

Franchise: 10-9 Rodriguez

Round Six

Alvarez lands a few left hands as a bit of a brawl breaks out. Another left knocks Rodriguez back as he tries to rally. Rodriguez lands a jab but can't score with power shots right now. Both men hold and try to work inside. Good round for Alvarez.

Franchise: 10-9 Alvarez

Round Seven

Atlas doesn't like how straight Rodriguez stands when he's defending. He starts a little faster in this round. Alvarez smothers Rodriguez inside. Several body shots score for Rodriguez. A short right finds Alvarez's head too. Sneaky uppercuts from very close range by Alvarez. Both men throw some wild shots, with Rodriguez scoring with an uppercut to the body.

Franchise: 10-9 Rodriguez

Round Eight

Rodriguez pumps the jab and circles. Atlas has the fight even right now. Rodriguez goes body and is hit upstairs. Alvarez just misses a big left as they wrestle. Alvarez lands a sharp left hook and steps on the gas a bit. Rodriguez comes back firing with a huge right hand. Another big right smacks Alvarez in the face. Nice action in that round.

Franchise: 10-9 Rodriguez

Round Nine

Rodriguez tells his corner he may have broken his wrist. He seems to be favoring it a bit. Rodriguez gets some work done fighting with just his left hand. Alvarez forces Rodriguez back, but Delvin is doing an excellent job with just one hand. Alvarez connects with a left hand and they tie up. That was a close round despite the apparent injury.

Franchise: 10-9 Rodriguez

Round 10

The ringside doctor spends a lot of time in Rodriguez's corner. Alvarez bulls his way in and lands body shots with both hands. Rodriguez goes down but it was an obvious push and slip. Both men connect as they stand and trade. Another Alvarez body shot lands and their feet get tangled. More stumbling with some punches landing at close range. Rodriguez lands a late right hand but that was an ugly round that favored Alvarez.

Franchise: 10-9 Alvarez

Round 11

Alvarez comes charging out of the gate. Rodriguez shakes out his right hand after he connects. Nice combo by Rodriguez. Alvarez comes forward again with several lefts. Left and a right hook by Alvarez. Rodriguez scores with a right hand and Alvarez goes down! He's up quickly but Rodriguez tries to close the show. Good action in the center of the ring. Alvarez is game as they brawl to the bell.

Franchise: 10-8 Rodriguez

Round 12

Wild swings from Alvarez. Rodriguez is chasing him and landing shots. They trade along the ropes and Rodriguez is wobbled. Delvin is running a bit and looks shaky. Alvarez is looking for his opening with a minute to go. Rodriguez stands his ground and keeps throwing. The ref literally has to jump in as the final bell rings. Great, great entertainment in that last round.

Franchise: 10-9 Alvarez

Franchise scores it 116-111 for Rodriguez. The judges score it 115-112 and 114-113 twice, all to the winner by unanimous decision, Delvin Rodriguez.

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