Guerrero v. Yordan: Round by round

Tonight's first bout is between Robert Guerrero vs. Daud Yordan at 130 pounds. It's for the vacant NABO title. Yordan is undefeated with a record of 17-0 with 12 KOs. Guerrero is 23-1-1.

The intros are finished, here we go.

Rd 1
Guerrero tries to get in first. He's showing so fast hand speed. He seems to be focusing on the body. Yordan hits Guerrero with a few hooks upstairs. Not a whole lot of defense for Guerrero in round 1. Guerrero gets a few shots in by holding and hitting. The ref breaks them up. Yordan uses his jab. Guerrero loads up the straight right but it gets blocked. Guerrero is trying to counter punch. Yordan gets 2 shots in before the bell.

Spartan117: 10-9 Yordan
Uatu: 10-9 Guerrero

Rd 2
The fighters do a lot of clinching to start round 2. Yordan lands two great hooks that land flush upstairs. A cut opens above the eye of Guerrero. It's a bad one. The ref stops the action for the doctor to look at it. Guerrero complains that he can't see anything. The ref decides to stop the action. It is caused by an accidental headbut. Since it didn't go to 4 rounds this fight is a no decision.

The crowd is not happy about this outcome. Michael Buffer makes the announcement to a chorus of boos.

Posted by spartan117


uatu said...

I have never seen Yordan fight, so I can't make a legit pick. My guess is that he was chosen because Guerrero will be able to find him easily.

uatu said...

this fight is getting grabby early. more clinches than jmm diaz already.

uatu said...

looks like guerrero has a bad cut from a headbutt

uatu said...

and that's it. I thought Yordan was winning round 2, for what it's worth, but it hadn't gotten too far along in the round.

Yordan looked decent. he probably would have been trouble for guerrero if this fight continued.

uatu said...

but Guerrero could have turned it on too, who knows.

uatu said...

have to admit, looking at the close up, that cut is pretty bad, not the worst I have ever seen, but it is right above his eye and would have bled all night into his eye.

spartan117 said...

The cut was clearly caused by an accidental headbut. It opened a bad cut and I don't fault Guerrero for not continuing.

uatu said...

yeah, unfortunately, it was probably not worth continuing.

mixed emotions, because the armchair fan always wants to see the fighter go for it, but risk/reward might not make much sense to continue when we aren't even through two rounds.