Prediction: Andre Berto vs. Luis Collazo

I must say that I am interested in this fight for a number of reasons:

1) In my mind, it marks the true return of boxing for the year.
2) It's a nice match-up of contrasting styles.
3) It's a match-up between young, hungry fighters near or at their prime.

Collazo certainly has fought the harder opposition. You can count Uatu among the people who thought that Collazo beat Hatton. I was slightly disappointed by his performance against Shane Mosley, although injury made have held him back. I really don't know what to make of Collazo at this point. I haven't seen him fight in almost two years.

Berto is a beast for sure. His strength did not allow him to knockout the always tough Steve Forbes even though he was larger, which is no shame, since Forbes has never been knocked out. Berto has really nice handspeed.

Collazo is a lefty, which could cause some problems. I see Collazo is listed only at 5'9", I thought he was taller than that. Berto is listed at 5'8 1/2", so there's no big difference there.

My guess is that Collazo, if he is in his Hatton form, will do his stick and move thing and try to keep Berto away from him. I believe he will take some rounds along the way, but Berto will eventually wear him down and get the victory, and will even knock Collazo down. I don't believe that Collazo has enough strength and power to keep Berto honest for the whole fight. So I will predict Berto by unanimous decision as Collazo holds on down the stretch to answer the final bell, but Berto will win convincingly when it is all said and done.

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