Stop the Presses: Chris John to Fight in America!

Anyone who reads this site on even a semi-regular basis knows I have a running joke about never having seen Chris John fight. There's a good reason for that: despite being one of the top-ranked featherweights in the world for years, John has never fought in the United States, and has made just a few trips outside his native Indonesia.

But my joke may have to end come February, because the AP is reporting that John will fight Rocky Juarez in Houston on the Feb. 28 undercard for Juan Manuel Marquez-Juan Diaz. On paper, that should be a terrific fight, the kind that really should be on televised undercards more often.

And like Diaz, Juarez calls Houston home, so it should help the paid attendance as well. Kudos to the promoters for putting it together, and thanks John, for finally letting us see what you're all about.

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uatu said...

This is very interesting. Impossible to make a fair prediction, so let's just hope he comes to fight.