Herman Ngoudjo vs. Juan Urango: Round By Round

The Friday Night Fights main event for Jan. 30, 2009 comes to us from the Bell Centre in Montreal. The vacant IBF super lightweight (140 lbs.) title is on the line as Herman Ngoudjo fights in front of his hometown fans against tough Colombian Juan Urango.

Ngoudjo is 17-2, with both losses coming in the last two years at the hands of Jose Luis Castillo and Paul Malignaggi. Urango is 20-1 and has won seven of his last eight. His sole defeat came via lopsided decision to Ricky Hatton.

Teddy Atlas says Urango will constantly come forward and bang. His key will be to throw wide punches around Ngoudjo's defense. Atlas expects Ngoudjo to be faster, so he'll be well served to throw quick straight punches.

Marlon Wright is the referee in charge of the action. Christian Gauthier handles the introductions and we're ready to go.

Round One

Ngoudjo works the jab as Urango comes forward. Urango takes a few big swings along the ropes but Ngoudjo moves away well. As Atlas expected, Urango is not jabbing his way in. Urango loads up for a big combo that mostly misses. Now he digs with both hands to the body. They trade along the ropes and Ngoudjo manages to switch positions and hold his own.

Franchise: 10-9 Ngoudjo

Round Two

The second round starts with some more exchanges and Ngoudjo has to be wary. Urango throws a nice right hook that lands. A nice exchange breaks out along the ropes and the ref tells both men to get their shots up. Urango goes to the body and is whacked in the head in return. They trade again with the same result. Right hook by Urango and an uppercut back from Ngoudjo. That was a close round.

Franchise: 10-9 Ngoudjo

Round Three

Urango charges in as soon as the bell rings. Ngoudjo is still showing him good movement. A big left hand from Urango sends Ngoudjo to the mat. He answers the count but Urango is looking for the finish. He swings away with wide hooks from both hands. Ngoudjo stands his ground and ties up his foe. He goes down again, but the ref rules it a slip. Not this time - Ngoudjo hits the canvas with 20 seconds left and this time it counts. The round is over but the damage was done.

Franchise: 10-7 Urango

Round Four

The crowd is trying to will Ngoudjo back into it. Wright warns Urango for a left that may have been low. Urango scores with left hands to the head and body in the corner. Ngoudjo seems to have his legs back but is not offering much offense besides his jab. Urango throws multiple hooks and lands at least one. Ngoudjo throws some quick flurries but Urango shows his power again at the bell.

Franchise: 10-9 Urango

Round Five

Rights to the body score for Urango. Ngoudjo shows quick hands when he's backed up but his shots aren't hurting Urango. He looks for the kill again along the ropes, but Ngoudjo responds nicely out in the center of the ring. The same sequence replays a few more times over the last minute of the round.

Franchise: 10-9 Urango

Round Six

Ngoudjo circles and picks his spots as Urango continues with power shots. He just misses with a big right hand. There's more clinches in this round, which probably benefits Ngoudjo. He bravely fights his way out of the corner and ties up. Big right to the body by Urango before another clinch. They trade at the bell in what was another tough round to score.

Franchise: 10-9 Urango

Round Seven

Good defense by Ngoudjo as he weathers another assault. His return shots are coming a little less frequently in this round. Finally he bounces to life with a multi-punch combo as he bounces around. Urango responds with both hands to the body and there's more fireworks in the closing seconds.

Franchise: 10-9 Urango

Round Eight

Ngoudjo shows he still has quick hands as he opens this round. Urango fires to the body and is hit with a straight right. Left-right to the body again by Urango. Atlas has this fight even, but I disagree. Both men get some work done in the center of the ring. Ngoudjo doubles up on the jab and clinches. He's really fighting smartly in this round. Ngoudjo sneaks in an uppercut right at the bell.

Franchise: 10-9 Ngoudjo

Round Nine

Urango bulls his way forward but doesn't land much. Ngoudjo scores in the center and stand his ground along the ropes. The fighters tie up several times. Urango is swinging wildly and not finding much. Neither man can find a rhythm amidst all the wrestling. Ngoudjo flashes some quick combos that may have won him this round down the stretch.

Franchise: 10-9 Ngoudjo

Round 10

Ngoudjo is actually winning exchanges in close now thanks to his hand speed. He's also clinching when he has to and winging uppercuts too. Atlas thinks all the grabbing is working against Urango. Ngoudjo ducks under some big shots. The ref warns Urango a second time for low blows. He comes out swinging and Ngoudjo covers up. This round seems like its gone on way too long. The announcers notice it too. It's almost comical how long this round has become. Both men continue to fight on. Urango shows some spark with body shots. Finally the bell arrives after five minutes!

Franchise: 10-9 Ngoudjo

Round 11

Ngoudjo stumbles out of the gate as Urango comes in. Juan digs to the body and Herman grabs. The ref stops the fight due to the tape coming undone on one of Ngoudjo's gloves. Urango resumes his body attack. Ngoudjo covers up but some shots are still getting through. It looks like that long round worked in Urango's favor. Ngoudjo tries to shoeshine and gets grabbed. Both fighters swing from close range.

Franchise: 10-9 Urango

Round 12

Ngoudjo's corner told him he needs this last round. Urango is swinging for the fences once again. He bull rushes his way to the ropes. Now they stand and trade. Neother man can really land clean with so much wrestling. Urango is more active and is pushing the pace. Nice left by Ngoudjo but more fire comes back his way. Twenty seconds to go. Both men score, and we'll go to the judges for the decision.

Franchise: 10-9 Urango

Franchise scores it 115-111 for Urango. The judges score it 118-108, 120-106 and 116-110, all to the winner... and new IBF super lightweight champion of the world... Juan Urango.


Anonymous said...

Was there ever an explanation given for that long round and was that a record for the longest round in the history of 3 minute rounds?

uatu said...

I never heard or saw any explanation. After the fight result was announced, I think they went straight to Sportscenter. I don't think they even interviewed the fighters, and I don't beleive there was any studio remarks either.

Nick Tylwalk said...

I haven't seen an explanation for it anywhere. I did see that one of the promoters said that if a knockout happened during the extra time, the fight would have been thrown out.

I'm also not sure what the record is for longest accidental round, or who would even keep track of such things. It was something to see, that's for sure, as you just kept sitting there wondering when it was going to end.

Nick Tylwalk said...

Over on BoxingScene.com, Jake Donovan's fight story said that was the longest round in boxing history without and timeouts.