Bernard Hopkins on ESPN2's First Take

B-hop made a morning appearance on ESPN2's First Take this morning. He was on to chat with Dana Jacobson as well as to plug his appearance tonight on Friday Night Fights.

As usual, Bernard was an awesome guest. He came off as being thoughtful, honest, and as a cool person to have a conversation with.

Jacobson asked him some questions about Philly sports teams. He made some comments about how big it would be if both the Eagles and Phillies were to win championships in the same year.

He was also asked if his win over Pavlik was a bigger win than the Phillies'. He said that personally it was because he is over 40, he was a 4-1 underdog, and he won with no controversy.

He of course was asked about his future plans. He mentioned a third fight with Taylor and a rematch with Calzaghe. He said late spring or early summer would give him enough time to train and promote another fight. Bernard said he definitly had another fight in him. But, there were no other guys he wanted to fight that were big fights that he cared about. He said he wasn't going to risk himself against some guy that wasn't a big name. He also said his wife wanted him to retire, and he joked that he wasn't going to leave her, so he would be retiring soon.

The segment closed with a discussion about his on-air appearance on Friday Night Fights. Hopkins said that he loved to analyze boxing and all sports. He made a joke about Joe the Plumber, which showed that Hopkins has some pop culture knowledge outside of boxing. He said that he would like to be a commentator in the future.

All around the performance gets a solid A for Bernard, although the segment itself didn't really get into any serious boxing, which considering the program, is no surprise.

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