Eromosele Albert vs. Germaine Sanders: Friday Night Fights Main Event Round By Round

It's main event time in Key West as Eromosele Albert is scheduled to go ten rounds against Germaine Sanders. Albert is 21-2-1, but got knocked out by James Kirkland and fought to a draw in his last fight. He's originally from Nigeria, where he was a two-time Olympian.

Sanders is a journeyman who sports a 27-6 professional record. He's lost his last three fights, all by decision, and took this bout on five days notice, subbing for Carlos Quintana.

Round One

Sanders starts out firing jabs and trying to go to the body. Albert covers up nicely and goes to his jab. Nice lefts to the body and head by Albert. It's all Albert when the fight moves to close range. Sanders dances as Albert tries a flurry along the ropes. More body-head combos from Albert. Sanders hasn't shown much but the jab so far.

Franchise: 10-9 Albert

Round Two

Sanders is on his bike again, trying to stick in some lefts when he can. Albert is coming forward but having trouble tracking his foe down. Sanders is really proving elusive, though Albert finally manages to land a straight right. Several left hands score as Albert backs his man into the corner. Another right hand from Albert is the final significant punch.

Franchise: 10-9 Albert

Round Three

This round looks much the same so far with Albert picking off Sanders' shots with his arms, then looking for his own offense. Albert throws with both hands to the body and follows up to the head. Sanders is landing the occasional counter but without much zip. When the fighters stand and trade, Sanders is definitely taking the worst of it.

Franchise: 10-9 Albert

Round Four

Albert lands a series of jabs and is still showing tight defense. He's really working the body on the inside. Sanders stand in and eats a left upstairs. Albert returns to body shots along the ropes, though Sanders is able to push his way out. Albert lands hooks with both hands and Sanders tries his best to fire back.

Franchise: 10-9 Albert

Round Five

It's starting to look like Sanders may just wear down as the fight progresses. Albert is keeping up his withering body attack and cutting off the ring well. Clubbing rights and lefts land for Albert, and it looks like he lands a few to the back as well. Sanders seems really fortunate his opponent doesn't have more one-punch power, or he'd likely be out of there.

Franchise: 10-9 Albert

Round Six

Lots of stalking now as Sanders circles like his life depends on it. Albert goes to the body and sneaks in a right uppercut for good measure. Teddy Atlas thinks Sanders will need to land one big shot to have a chance, and he hasn't shown that so far. Albert closes out the round with one final flurry.

Franchise: 10-9 Albert

Round Seven

This looks like a replay of previous rounds with Albert connecting with body shots and the occasional short shot to the head. Sanders gets popped with a right as he backs away. They stand toe to toe and Albert imposes his will. Albert is still very smart about using his arms to block incoming fire. Albert measures a one-two to the head and follows to the body. Sanders finally scores with a counter but it's much too little.

Franchise: 10-9 Albert

Round Eight

Multiple body shots crash home for Albert. Now he pours it on with a combo keyed by a big uppercut. Another right hand snaps Sanders' head back. Albert repeats his successful pattern with two body shots followed by a right hand to the head. Give Sanders credit for hanging in there, but he is taking some abuse.

Franchise: 10-9 Albert

Round Nine

Sanders takes a left-right combo to the head and barely escapes further damage along the ropes. He's still circling in both directions. Albert scores with a left to the body and a right uppercut. He keeps coming forward and Sanders' best hope now is simply to make it the distance without getting knocked out.

Franchise: 10-9 Albert

Round 10

Unless something truly surprising happens here, it's pretty much just playing out the string. Albert turns up the heat with both hands, trying for the KO. Sanders is still backing away, but Albert lands multiple rights to the body and a shot to the head. One minute to go and it looks like Sanders will make it. No drama down the stretch.

Franchise: 10-9 Albert

Franchise scores it 100-90 for Albert. All three judges score it 100-90 to the winner, Eromosele "Bad Boy" Albert.

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