It's On! Weigh-in Report: Margarito vs. Mosley

Streaming live on hbo.com.

It's 5:52 eastern time in the US, and surprisingly the weigh-in has already begun streaming. Lately hbo.com has started their streaming right on time and no one is there yet to weigh-in. Today, they are already weighing fighters by the time I check out their site.

Hopefully, this is just the prelim fighters. Other weigh-ins have led off with the main event and worked backwards, while some have built upwards to the main event.

They are going with the digital scale. I prefer the drama of the beam type where some guy actually has to move those indicators on the scale and watch the arm actually balance. Here it is just people reading a scale on the floor, which of course we can not see whatsoever.

The omnipresent Bernard Hopkins is on stage, which is to be expected at a Golden Boy fight. He is going with jeans in an expensive casual look. Bob Arum going with a classic turtleneck, blazer and dress pants affair. Excuse me, it looks like that might be a tight, bright red t-shirt under the blazer for Arum.

They declare 30 seconds until they are on the air. So thankfully I did not miss the main event. The streaming public on hbo.com are now being shown a slickly produced commercial for the fight, with an orchestral score over highlights.

And we are formally welcomed to the Nokia Theatre at LA Live.

They are expecting a sell out of over 20,000 at the Staples Center. And now another commercial. This in the voice-over on top of highlights style.

I am not sure how many of these I have watched over the years on TV and the web, but they are mostly the same. A lot of waiting around for little excitement. But, in the events where there is a buzz, the weigh-ins really get you pumped up to watch the fights. A loyal national crowd usually helps.

And here... we... go!

Shane Mosley and crew have reached the stage. Antonio Margarito has arrived too. Both men are going the custom track suit route.

Shane: 147 even. He is looking super lean, supper ripped, with the body of a 20-year old.

There's some jawing and arguing going on. There are a bunch of people on the stage making the stage uneven. Now they announce 147.2.

Tony: 145.8! Tony is looking all kinds of muscular too. The camera actually did cut to a shot of the digital reading, so that problem was solved. Thank you hbo.com

Now they are deciding if Shane needs to get back on. It is announced that Shane will step away and get back on later. They are going to take the picture for the fight, and then Shane will try again.

Face to face, Tony is taller, but he doesn't dwarf Shane as much as I would have thought. Bernard always gets his picture in between for these events and he is much taller than both men.

An interview with Tony, which is a nice surprise for the streaming public. Tony is asked about his weight. He says it is not a problem for him. He has to make that weight and he does.

He says LA will be his house, and you can see all the fans out here to support him, and he will make them proud.

Will it be like the Cotto fight? How does he see it turning out?
Yes, Shane has a lot of experience so they prepared so hard.

On a side note, the reporter was also the interpreter, which makes the interaction between the two much cleaner and shorter than the usual interview across languages.

Another commerical is shown.

The commissioner is being interviewed. The commissioner defers to the man conducting the weights with the scale. He is asked who requested the re-weigh-in. The scale stopped at 147 for a brief moment and then moved to 147.2. He stepped on again and it read 147.2. So he has to lose that weight. He has two hours.

B-Hop gets interviewed.

Is it hard to lose 0.2 pounds?
Bernard says he could stand up here and talk and lose the weight. He says the underwear probably weighs 0.1. He personally thinks the first number of 147 should count. Then people moved around and affected the number.

Bernard says Tony is a great person and fighter and it will be tough. Last year showed that just because a fighter is supposed to win doesn't mean he will. Golden Boy and Top Rank will continue to put on great fights.

He says that Shane isn't really going into Tony's territory being that Shane is from the area, has fans in the area, and Mexicans love him too.

Shane is back up... 147.

Shane says he is in great shape and ready to go. He didn't have to struggle to make weight so this extra weighing was no big deal. He's ready to go. He sounds excited. He says it wasn't hard to make 147, he says it was actually very easy, he just scaled it wrong today.

That's all, that's it.

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