Shane Mosley on Jim Rome is Burning on ESPN

Sugar Shane Mosley will be on Jim Rome is Burning today on ESPN. Rome himself is not on the show, and it is being hosted by Jason somebody. I am not familiar with this person that is filling in for Rome today. Shane is coming on to promote his big fight with Antonio Margarito this weekend. A report on his appearance is forthcoming. The questions are paraphrased to the best of my ability.

Apparently it is a gentleman named Jason Smith who is hosting today. He can be heard on ESPNRadio, and I have heard his show on ESPN Radio, All Night, on several occasions. I have no idea what kind of boxing knowledge he brings to the table. We shall see.

Here we go.

Smith asks Shane about the fact that Shane has said that he is worried about his overconfidence in the fight.

Shane answers something to the effect that he has great movement, speed, power. It was sort of an awkward question and answer there.

They move on to the wildlife in Big Bear. What does Shane think about seeing bears, deer, etc along the roads when he is running?

Shane doesn't worry about the wildlife. The bears actually run away from him when they see him. Right now it's winter so the bears are hibernating. Smith makes a joke that they should promote the fight saying that bears are afraid of Shane. Shane says they are out of his weight class.

A question about dropping his father as trainer and its effect out of the ring.

Shane says their relationship is exactly the same.

A question about the health of the sport.

Shane points to the awesome fight between Berto and Collazo. Shane says he still has three or four more years himself as well.

How old is too old to keep fighting?

Shane says only if you are getting hit with too many shots. He mentions Bernard and says if he can, he will fight as long as Bernard has. (Personal aside, I believe that Shane gets hit with more shots than Bernard does.)

What about the economy?

Shane touts the fact that he and Margarito have sold out despite the economy. Everyone is coming to the fight.

Smith asks a steroid question. What does Shane think about the fact that people may now always equate him with steroids?

Shane says people that know him in the boxing world know he is a clean person. Maybe outside of the boxing world people may think he is into it. He says that is not him. He lives clean, he is a clean person. He is not into that type of stuff, it is not his forte.

What's the hardest he has ever been hit?

He says Vernon is the only one to rock him so it's Forrest. He says he has been hit hard a number of times. Shane says what was going through his head was to get back up and knock Vernon out.

What does Barack mean to him?

Shane says it's a great thing. Obama brings together all nationalities and makes the world and country a better place.

Overall good stuff. Shane is a nice guy and not one for being flamboyant, and he's honest in interviews. It won't change my opinion on the fight.

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