Round by Round: Miranda v. Abraham

The last time these two fought in the ring, Arthur Abraham had his jaw broken and Edison Miranda lost because of low blows. These two fighters have made this fight personal, as many of Miranda's bouts are.

Abraham is undefeated while Miranda has two losses: one to Abraham and one to Kelly Pavlik. Also, this is the first time Abraham has fought in the U.S.

The intros are finished and its time for the fight.

Rd 1: Abraham starts as the aggressor. He starts establishing the jab and makes it through Miranda's defense. Now both fighters feeling each other out. Miranda backs Abraham against the ropes. Abraham fights out. Abraham gets a left hook in and Miranda stumbles. Abraham now throwing good combos. Miranda now uses his trademark wide hook. Abraham now told to keeps his punches up after a body blow.

Spartan117: 10-9 Abraham

Rd 2: Miranda now steps forward and throws combos. Abraham is being stalked around the ring. Miranda keeps the intensity up. Abraham trapped against the ropes and blocks most of Miranda's shots. Abraham waves him in. Miranda hits nothing but gloves. Miranda lands a vicious body shot. Miranda gets warned for a low blow. Abraham takes his time for recovery. They start again after about 30 seconds. Abraham gets in some body shots but Miranda comes right back.

Spartan117: 10-9 Miranda

Rd 3: Miranda now starts keeping his punches upstairs. Abraham gets a big right hook in and Miranda waves him in. Abraham is sticking to his defense and not throwing as much as Miranda. Miranda is clearly the more active fighter. Miranda now gets warned for pushing. Abraham gets in a hard right hand and Miranda's knees buckle. Miranda still comes forward.

Spartan117: 10-9 Abraham

Rd 4: Miranda sticks to putting the pressure on. He gets three good body shots in. Abraham drops a huge left bomb and Miranda goes down. He makes it up but is clearly hurt. Abraham lands another another hard left and Miranda goes down hard again. He gets up again and receives more punishment, falling a third time from a right. The ref calls it. It's over.

The winner by TKO at 1:13 at the fourth round, Arthur Abraham.

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