Round by Round: Ponce De Leon vs Lopez

The first fight tonight is between Daniel Ponce De Leon vs. Juan Manuel Lopez. It is at the 122 pound weight class. De Leon is the better known fighter in this fight and is highly favored, but many believe that this is a winnable fight for Lopez.

Lopez, of Puerto Rican decent, is out to the ring first and is also undefeated. De Leon, of Mexico, follows. His record is 34-1.

Side note: Michael Buffer recently got married.

Buffer finishes with the intros and it's time to start the fight.

Rd 1: Both fighters square off in the middle of the ring. De Leon is the aggressor in the beginning, throwing fast combos to the head and body. Lopez is throwing some good counters. Lopez lands a hard straight right. De Leon looks to swing for the fences. Lopez lands a very hard right hook and De Leon goes down hard. He makes it up but his legs are gone. Ponce is taking horrible punishment. He goes down again but he gets up on shaky legs but the ref says no more. It's over. Lopez scores a 1st round KO victory.

Juan Manuel Lopez wins by TKO

Lopez says he was looking to land his right hand. He says that he thought Ponce De Leon was going to be ready for his right hook but apparently he was not. He says he's going to talk to his managers and set up a good opponent for his next fight. Kellerman says that he's certainly established himself in the division.

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