Kelly Pavlik on the Max Kellerman and Brian Kenny ESPN Radio Show

Here's a brief rundown of Kelly the Ghost Pavlik's appearance on ESPN radio.

Pavlik has seen tapes of Lockett.
Lockett is not fast enough for him.

Both Kellerman and Pavlik agree though that it could be a dangerous fight.
Pavlik says that Lockett can fight.
He has a good hook and right hand.

BK asks if Pavlik feels different in preparation now that he is the defending champ and is away from fighting Jermain Taylor.
Pavlik says it is different since he now has a target on his back.

BK asks for Pavlik's thoughts on Joe Calzaghe.
Pavlik says Joecal is good but awkward.
He doesn't give him too much credit for beating Bernard Hopkins though.

Both BK and Max say they thought Hopkins won.

Pavlik says that if Hopkins was the younger Hopkins that fought Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad or Jermain Taylor, Joecal would have had to contend with the right that put him down much more often than he had to face in his fight. Pavlik says that Calzaghe gets hit with a lot of right hands.

Pavlik says he wouldn't have Joe in the top 3 pound for pound.

They talk of the Zertuche fight and whether Kelly feels he needs to be exciting and not just win. Pavlik says not really.

They next talk about Pavlik's peat moss, tulips, and annuals!
Pavlik is so competitive he wants the best lawn on the block.

Pavlik says his life has not changed much since becoming champ.

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