Tonight's WEC Main Event Has Boxing Connection

Though we don't normally talk any MMA here - that would be the focus of MMAWatchers.com, I would think - it's hard to completely separate America's current favorite combat sport from the sweet science. Boxing is one of the disciplines included in MMA, after all, and it's not unusual for top fighters to spar with boxers to sharpen their striking skills. Oh, and both sports have their share of questionable decisions and stoppages.

Tonight's WEC main event featherweight championship bout between Urijah Faber and Jens Pulver takes the connections to the next level. That's because Pulver, the challenger also known as Lil Evil, has an undefeated career record as a professional boxer and is known for his killer left hand.

Okay, so Pulver's career consisted of four fights, all four-rounders fought in 2004. They were still legit pro boxing matches, verified by BoxRec.com, and two of them were first-round knockouts.

Just a little something extra to think about if you tune in to the WEC card tonight on Versus, perhaps to cheer on the unofficial "Favorite MMA Fighter of BoxingWatchers.com": Mark Munoz, a.k.a. the Filipino Wrecking Machine.

Disclaimer: All staffers of BoxingWatchers.com are part Filipino!

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uatu said...

I will be watching for sure. I have been watching a lot of MMA this week. I'm thinking about writing about MMA versus boxing, but, that is a subject that has been covered many times by people who know more about MMA than I do.