Round By Round: Carlos Quintana vs. Paul Williams II

We're wasting no time getting to the action on Showtime as Paul Williams is introduced for his rematch with Carlos Quintana. The announcers mention that Williams is actually a slight betting favorite despite losing the first meeting.

The crowd at the Mohegan Sun seems to be behind Quintana. Williams is the younger fighter, and has big advantages in height and reach. This is Quintana's first title defense of the WBO welterweight title. And we're all set to go.

Round 1

Williams has vowed to be more aggressive right away but it doesn't look like it in the first few minutes. Quintana and Williams trade shots with the champ getting in a harder shot inside. Williams lunging with the jab. Left hand by Quintana. Jab snaps the champ's head back. Williams with a huge flurry and a left sends Quintana down! More lefts knock Quintana woozy and it's over! The Punisher redeems himself big time with an impressive first round KO. It was a straight left that originally stunned Quintana, and then a mean left that sent him down in the corner. He never got his legs back under him and it was just a matter of time until a right hook and more lefts ended the fight.

The winner by KO at 2:15 of the first round, and once again WBO welterweight champion, Paul "The Punisher" Williams.

Williams credits his sparring partners and strength trainer for the difference this time around. He says Quintana caught him on an off night, but he knew he'd be able to bounce back. He wants Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito or Oscar De La Hoya in the near future.

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