Round By Round: Vernon Forrest vs. Sergio Mora

This one's starting a bit earlier than expected thanks to Paul Williams' quick KO win in the previous fight. The announcers mention that Vernon Forrest is giving away nine years in age but feel his two-year layoff a few years back due to injury have helped keep him in good shape.

It's a battle of serpents from the Mohegan Sun as The Viper and the Latin Snake are ready to go for the WBC super welterweight championship.

Round 1

Both men reaching with the jab in the early going. Mora digs with a right to the body. More jabs both ways. Vernon loads up a big right but misses. Now some grappling after Forrest misses coming in. No one throwing right now as they size each other up. The crowd is displeased. Good shots by Forrest coming out of the clinch. Thumping right down low by Forrest and another follows. Cautious first round and the two men exchange pleasantries going back to their corners.

Franchise: 10-9 Forrest

Round 2

Mora having trouble following with anything after the jab. Good feints by Forrest. Mora finally gets inside but can't land too much. Forrest tries to measure Mora for a right but it's mostly evaded. They tie up and Mora tries to throw body shots. Left hook by Mora. Quick shots countered by Forrest's right hands. Mora looks slippery but he hasn't found an effective offense yet.

Franchise: 10-9 Forrest

Round 3

Forrest trying his best to land big rights; Mora has so far been able to duck away. The Latin Snake bounces around, unable to engage. Short shots by Mora and they tie up. Nice left hook by Forrest in close. The announcers discuss how strange it was to hear Forrest trash talk before the fight. Good body work by Forrest along the ropes. Both men warned for holding and hitting, and a second warning to Mora for hitting behind the head.

Franchise: 10-9 Forrest

Round 4

Buddy McGirt told Forrest between rounds not to look for the home run shot. Mora jabbing to start this round. They trade inside and Mora gets the best of it. Two rights by Forrest and a left hook in response from Sergio. Another left hook and Sergio's found something that works. Forrest looking a little more cautious and not coming forward. They try to trade again in close as the round ends.

Franchise: 10-9 Mora

Round 5

Forrest using hooks and uppercuts to score inside. He's warned for roughhousing. Mora scores with a straight right. Mora taunts Forrest as The Viper lands some big shots along the ropes. Short lefts inside by Mora. Jabs landing both ways. One-two just misses for Forrest and Mora charges forward with left hooks. The crowd boos as the last 20 seconds wind down with no real punches thrown.

Franchise: 10-9 Forrest

Round 6

The announcers want more jabs from Forrest. Nice right hand upstairs by Mora. He backs up Forrest with another right but Forrest survives and ties him up. The ref warns both men for low shots. Good left by Forrest as they trade. Mora's left eye looking rough but nothing too bad yet. Forrest holding on as the announcers wonder if he's tiring. Both men land in close as they wrestle to the bell.

Franchise: 10-9 Mora

Round 7

McGirt told Forrest he's eating too many right hands. Jabs from Mora; Forrest responds in kind. Mora hooks his way inside with the left. He triples the jab and lands a right to the body. Mora warned one more time for hitting behind the head. Mora shakes off a right hand and they tie up. Peppering lefts from the Latin Snake. Mora switches southpaw but only for a second. Another nice round for the challenger.

Franchise: 10-9 Mora

Round 8

Forrest catches Mora with a jab and a big straight right. He looks for more but Mora is light on his feet. Nice left coming in by Mora. Forrest warned again for low shots. They try to fight their way out of the clinch but the ref has to step in. Mora landing more jabs in the final seconds but probably not enough to take this round.

Franchise: 10-9 Forrest

Round 9

Vernon looks like he has a little more spark now. Neither man can get the advantage in close. Mora has never been 12 rounds, so that may be a factor, though he's throwing and landing more shots right now. Sharp left upstairs for Mora. Forrest lands out of the break and that looked questionable. Stinging shots along the ropes by Mora and Forrest digs down to try to fight back. Best sequence of the fight with both men swinging away but Mora showed something there.

Franchise: 10-9 Mora

Round 10

Forrest looked gassed between rounds, but can Mora take advantage? Forrest trying to stalk without success. He looks frustrated as Mora lands multiple jabs and lefts. Right-left combo by Mora and one shot back by Forrest. Thumping left by Forrest and both guys land. Another flurry by Mora inside and all Forrest can do is swing wildly in response. Nice 1-2 combo at the bell punctuates a good round for the Latin Snake.

Franchise: 10-9 Mora

Round 11

Let's see if Mora can finish an impressive second half of the fight. The crowd is behind him. He's zipping jabs and trying to work the body inside. Forrest swinging and missing again. Now he lands a hook as Mora comes in. Good action with body shots flowing by both men. Big right upstairs by Mora. A second right crashes in but Forrest stands his ground. They wrestle to the ropes and Mora looks pretty pleased.

Franchise: 10-9 Mora

Round 12

This fight could very well be up for grabs. Mora dodges a big right. The fans spur him on as he scores to the body. Left to the Forrest's head and the ref has to break them up again. Mora landing lefts to the head and rights to the body. Both guys score as they battle along the ropes. Forrest trying to score as Mora dances around. Very close misses as Mora stays bus. The fight ends with nice action along the ropes and Mora's looking excited as the final bell rings.

Franchise: 10-9 Mora

Franchise scores it 115-113 for Mora. The judges score it 114-114, and 115-113 and 116-112 for Mora. The winner by majority decision, and new WBC super welterweight champion, Sergio Mora.

Mora said he worked hard for this moment, but that he had no set game plan coming into the fight. He's shown a big right hand from the sixth round but he says Forrest took it well. Mora says they treated this fight like a once in a lifetime opportunity and it paid off.

Forrest is asked about being winded, and he's gracious in defeat. He says Mora's style was tricky and that the Latin Snake was the better man tonight. Forrest won't make any excuses and also says he definitely wants to continue fighting.

The two men share a respectful handshake. Mora claims he has more to show and that this was just the tip of the iceberg. He gives a shout out to Oscar De La Hoya and says if he wants to do something in September or December, he's willing.

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