Live Round By Round Updates: Klitschko-Rahman, Toney-Oquendo and Holt-Hopkins

The year in boxing is coming to a close. But not until after today, when there's televised action from three different locales featuring three substitute opponents. Wow!

First up from Germany is Wladimir Klitschko defending his heavyweight titles against Hasim Rahman (filling in for Alexander Povetkin). Later on Versus, James Toney faces off against Fres Oquendo (subbing for Tony Thompson). And in the nightcap, what was to be a rubber match becomes a whole new ballgame as Kendall Holt fights Demetrius Hopkins (replacing Ricardo Torres).

Naturally, you'd love to post yourself in front of a TV all afternoon and night. But if that's not an option, here's another one: bookmark our main page at www.boxingwatchers.com and keep abreast of the action with live round by round updates. Spartan117 and yours truly will be working overtime to handle the HBO, Versus and Showtime cards.

Start times for the cards are 4:45 pm EST for Klitschko, 9 pm EST for Toney and 11 pm EST for Holt.


uatu said...

Hopkins may have a shot in this fight. Holt has been preparing for a totally different animal, and he may have a let down in not getting the third fight with Torres. Hopkins has greater motivation. Holt has the power advantage, which may bail him out down the stretch. Should be interesting.

uatu said...

and I have nothing against Wlad, but I would like Rahman to do something interesting in this fight. Because it looks to be an early round knockout. Like in less than five rounds.