Andre Ward vs. Esteban Camou: Round By Round

Tonight's undercard on Versus is between Andre Ward and Esteban Camou. Ward was an Olympic gold medalist in the 2004 Athens Games. He injured his knee in a game of pickup basketball, and this is his first fight since. Ward is 16-0.

Round One:
The two men meet in the the middle of the ring. Ward's punches look like they have quite a snap to them. Camou is coming out looking solid too. Ward is landing his jab well, but Camou blocks the right hand. Ward is looking sharp. Camou throws three left hooks. Ward lands a jab and a hook to the body. Ward lands another jab. Camou isn't landing anything flush. Ward lands a jab, a hook to the body and another hook upstairs.

Spartan117: 10-9 Ward
Franchise: 10-9 Ward

Round Two:
Camou comes out lunging, but Ward shows good defense. Ward lands a great right hand upstairs that backs down Camou. Ward lands another combination to the head. Ward lands a combo that staggers Camou again. If Camou takes more punishment like this, the fight won't go much longer. Ward snaps the head of Camou again.

Spartan117: 10-9 Ward
Franchise: 10-9 Ward

Round Three:
Ward is going in looking to finish it in this round, fighting from a southpaw stance. Camou isn't doing much, and the ref is looking at him as if he's thinking of stopping it. Ward pummels Camou against the ropes. Ward mixes it up with straight shots, hooks and the occasional uppercut. Ward shows off with the wind-up punch. Ward lands a very wide left hook that ignites the crowd. Ward continues to dominate Camou against the ropes and the ref has seen enough. It's over.

The winner by TKO at 2:46 of Round Three... Andre "S.O.G." Ward.

Ward says he didn't have any problems with the knee tonight. He says he wanted to try out southpaw in the third round and it felt good and comfortable to him. Ward wants 2009 to be a successful and busy year for him.


uatu said...

what's up with the Toney fight?

Nick Tylwalk said...

Versus showed half of Malik Scott's fight from earlier in the night between the Ward and Toney fights.